Sunday, March 20, 2011

j crawf to jay z!

Today is March 19th, 2011. I knew today would be a good day for many reasons. One of those reasons being that it was my best friend's wedding. Jordan Cidelle Crawford is now happy married to Tim Zemp! They sure make a LOVELY couple and I wish them luck and happiness as they begin their lives sealed for time and all eternity. Hordy Hord. I'm just gonna remind you of a couple things..
Cheer Trips!!!

New York
"All you need is a handful and your husband will be happy"
Aphridite and Mermaids Cove
Tanning on my roof
Stand in the rain :)
We've got it goin on!
You're summer theater days.. when I wouldn't see you like EVER!
Matching velour sweatsuits
the sexy walk that only you could do successfully
your ballet arms hehe :)
when you licked my big toe
6:30 am stretch class
Your hip hop pants ripping
My shiny boobs in the nerd dance

Your freakin amazing emotion!
Your sweetheart dance that I wanted to do cuz I loved the choreography and the song so much
When we were kind of in a flash mob at half time to Black Eyed Peas- I've got a feelin'
THE triple threat/elite

How it was just you, tess, and me in all our dance classes our senior year :)
The sisterhood of the travelling pants that sadly has failed us....

Fay Ray Fountain
Running across main street in our undies. Me being behind you and tess in particular hahahaha
Nail it nail it nail it nail it.
Our dance to 24. With the capes. 
when you could pretty much tumble cuz you could do a front hand spring and an arial!
Moulin Rouge
When you knelt on your cellular... only you!
When you came to the diploma late haha
When you DIDN'T give Rob mono!
When we would chest bump after and during really intense awesome basketball games. 
How you and I were the 'big' cheerleaders. 
Our multiple toe touches

When we made up that cheer. GET EXCITED!
Chem class.. lets not think about that.
Our study dances to help us remember. those were genius. we will be famous one day for them I'm sure!
Spooning :S Blah
Our numerous plans for a photo shoot..
Those darn stools... but we had AWESOME costumes so that made up for the retardedness of the stools
How the judges at competition were really picky with some of our numbers
When you left me and went to mexico and then showed up during chem class and I jumped up and ran to hug you cuz I just missed your face so incredibly much!
Your underwear...
Giving tess a swirly!
When you went to the bathroom in your basement bathroom.
When I helped you with your Sweetheart poster. It was definitely the cutest might I add.
When we sang in all the different wards. My favorite song. Come thou fount :)
How you always managed to look so flippin beautiful, ALL the time!
Remember that one time that we met Tyce Diorio. and how you had that one cold sore hahaha ;)
When we did that disco number and had so much fun with it.
That part in our cheer routine when you and I would freestyle it with each other.
How you thought that we were supposed to slide our hands up our leg and stick out our bum all sexy like on that one move in cheer.
How you can jump like nobody's business!
Remember that pair of underwear you gave me for christmas this year? I wear them all the time I'll have you know. Good choice!
When you comforted me on seniors night cuz I just love high school so much and that signified me moving on and being done with my prime time!
(sorry about the tag haha as you can see, I took these from facebook.)
That time that you snuck that shirt to the cashier and bought it even though we told you not to.. sneaky sneaky you are!
Our backs making sweat marks on the road.. nasty!
chelannypeeeee you are the one for meeeeee.
chelannybooo (bibble's voice)
Remember how I taught you to make ugly faces :) you will still never be as good as it as I am. Take comfort in that thought hahaha

Marcia Lynn McClure novels.
Your married man fantasy haha
Remember how you despise mine and tessa's love for little boys ha ;)
Remember how today you got sealed for time and all eternity to the guy of your dreams in the Temple? Thank you for being one of my best friends ever! I'm so glad I got to know you miss! You are awesome and your testimony is so strong. I hope you know how much I appreciate your example, especially you getting married in the temple. That means the world to me. I sure hope I can come visit you in Hawaii someday! I want you to know how much I love you. Cuz its a LOT girl! More than you will ever know. I'm glad we are friends. I can't imagine my life with out you in it. Thank you for moving to Cardston and becoming one of my best friends for LIFE! 
I. Love. You. <3
(Once again. Apology for the tag!)

Congrats to Tim and Jordan Zemp!


  1. ok, this made me cry! You 3 r just so incredibly special to me! I was glad that I was a part of some of those memories....(cheer & dance). Change stinks!!! haha, but Jordan was a beautiful bride :)

  2. what happened to the pants!? I want to keep that up :( buuut i loved this. i love you. And i love hord. I love the triple threat :)

  3. I love this post. And you. and jordan. :)
    p.s- jordan and i are sister now!!! (i dont mean to brag)
    p.p.s- your blog is adorable!