Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Let me just tell you about the most amazing woman on the planet. Yah? 
Her name is Cheryl Ann McMurray.
She is my Mother and boy is she ever great!
My mother and I are super super close and I most certainly would not have it any other way. 
We have been close since I was born obviously but these are some things that I think have played a big part in that closeness. 
We are just always together and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

When I was 11, my mom taught my primary class. I loved that. She has had a calling that has been with me ever since. When I turned twelve and went to Young Womans, she got called as the Personal Progress Specialist in YW. Together again. Then she got called as my sunday school teacher. We all loved her, contrary to what she thinks. She was a GREAT sunday school teacher. Her lessons were never boring. Something that I think is super important when it comes to teaching teens. Next she was my YW president when I was a laurel. She is still serving in this calling and she does the greatest job! Such and amazing lady and she has a great personal relationship with all of the Young Women in our ward. They all love her and I can see that she is making a positive difference in each of their lives. 

Ever since I can remember, my Dad coached the Cardston Cougars Varsity Boys basketball team. We travelled with the team everywhere they went and it was the BEST childhood. I definitely recommend it. The high school at that time had a dance team that I was absolutely obsessed with. When that program ended I was pretty much devastated. My Mom promised me when I was a little girl that when I got into high school she would start a cheer squad for me, which she did. It was AWESOME! My favorite part of dancing is performing so being a cheerleader was so much fun for me. I loved being able to cheer on my Dad's basketball team and dance at the same time. At one point I even got to cheer for my older Brother as he played on the team! Being so involved as a family was awesome and as a coach my mom put up with a ton of crap. She stood up for us cheerleaders when we got bashed by other schools and other people. She was hilarious at practices haha and all the cheerleaders loved her. She came up with the most amazing eye-catching routines and has a knack for teaching people. She knows how to make things fun and I love that about her. Thank you Mom for starting such a great program and giving me the opportunity to experience something so incredibly fun and also being such a big part of it all! I loved having you there every step of the way!

My Momma danced growing up, so put me in dance at the age of 3. Its my one true love in life. Thank you for putting me in dance, Mother. It is greatly appreciated. We have a connection through dance. Its OUR thing. My Mom has also been my dance teacher since forever. She has instilled in me her love of dance and I can't imagine my life without dancing. It is my release. Its is, as I said before, my one true love in this life. I just love it with all my heart and soul and I know that I am the dancer that I am today because of her. Dancing with my mom and being taught by her have brought us so much closer. Especially these last few years that I've begun to take it more seriously and consider following in her footsteps of being a dance teacher one day. We've got a connection through dancing and I just love that we speak a completely different language when we talk dance. I love watching So You Think You Can Dance together and our obsession with seasoned popcorn and diet pepsi as we watch it. I love how when we watch an episode separately, you will ask me which routines I liked and if I just loved any, and 100% of the time, we will love the same ones and have all the same opinions about all of them. 

My Momizzle has possibly the greatest sense of style there ever was. Seriously. A lot of time, you hear about moms that go shopping for their teenage daughters and come home with stuff that is totally ridiculous. A lot of moms just don't shop for their daughters because they can't pick out anything that is actually in style. But my Mom. Oh gosh. Can she ever shop! She is the best! We also wear the same size nowadays in everything so ya be jealous, everything for us is just 50% off if you think about it haha. At least thats what we like to tell my Dad ;)
My Mom is hilarious by the way. She makes the greatest faces haha. She has an awesome sense of humor. She is witty and I love it. She is just crazy like me. She dances like a mad woman and we like making funny music videos together. We play this game called fo reo together sometimes and she is just good at coming up with random stuff. She's just funny and I don't know how to explain it. You just need to experience it for yourself because it is truly something special. Its an awesome sense of humor! 
Example: This is number 18 signing off.

Just so you know, my mom is BEAUTIFUL! You know you're mom is hot stuff when all the boys that should like girls your age like your mom. Ya this happens on a daily basis. 
Exhibit A: I'm in the buffet on the cruise with my mom. I'm wearing my 'Yeah he shoots from there. 32.' shirt about jimmer that says BYU on it. Some guy comes up to us and asks do you two go to BYU? I respond. Well uh. I do. But this is my Mom.. 
Exhibit B: When getting on the cruise ship, they take your picture with the group you are going with. The photographer says to my mom, "Miss, could you stand closer to your Dad?" Her dad just happened to be my father.. Meaning he thought she was like married to Craig or something and my dad was her dad? Weird right? ya. Poor father.
Exhibit C: Craig and my Mom are in the elevator with another couple and it opens and another couple with a small child get on. The little kid is just being cute and doing cute stuff and then when that family of 3 exits the elevator the other couple in there with my mom and Craig say to them, "Little kids are cute and all but you two should probably wait a while before you have any." Then my Mom responds by pointing at my brother and saying, "He is my son." When my Mom and Craig get off the elevator the guy in the couple is all oh man that can't be right.. funny right? weird. People think that my Mom is married to my brother. Crazy stuff! 
Exhibit D: Almost every single time my Mom and I have been shopping together in like the past 4 years, people have asked us if we are sisters or just friends. And on numerous occasions I catch teenage boys and also guys that are in like their 20s checkin her out. She's a hottie fo sho! Obviously.

My Mama looooooves her music.. and we have the same taste in music which is GREAT! She likes to take time to search for new stuff and then she shows me all her great finds and I love it all. Its fun for us to listen to all the new songs she finds and decide which ones can be danced to and what not. 

Well, if you can't tell, my Mom is a world class lady. Every one loves her. Especially me. She is most definitely, hands down, without a doubt my best friend and will ALWAYS be that to me! I love her with all of my heart and I will continue to strive to be more like her. She is a great role model and I hope that when the time comes, I can be at least half the mother she is. I will never live up to her greatness as a Mom. She is an incredible woman. The most incredible woman. I love you, Mom! Always and forever :)
I love you <3

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  1. Thank you for being such an incredible daughter Chelan! You are perfect for me <3