Saturday, May 21, 2011

new job!

So today I pretty much officially started my new job. I've actually been working for the past week... but not in the Tourist Information Center, where my job is. I have been on this thing called a FAM Tour. I think FAM is for familiarization? Not too sure, but that's my guess. Anyway, on this tour, we travel around to all the popular tourist attractions in the area so we are better prepared to tell tourists that come into our center what to expect from these various sites. It was super boring, let me tell ya. And I felt kinda bad for my coworkers especially because this is their fourth summer. Fourth time going to all of these boring places. Although it was super boring, I was getting paid to sit in the back of a car listening to music (not the greatest music, but at least it wasn't silence right?) and sleeping until we got to each site. We did this for a week. Oh and we got our lunches paid for. Mmmm free food? Yes please! Annnnndddd our boss scheduled us kinda strange and we had all this extra time that we did nothing so some days we'd get off earlier than expected, score! And other days we'd get paid for all this time that we didn't do anything but sit in a car, score again! So so far this job has been good to me. Today was my first actual day in the center. I'm terrified of people at first but lucky for me, tourists are generally happy and mentioning that its my first day helps out my scared of not knowing anything and not being able to help people deal. They are pretty understanding, bless their hearts. Well, wanna know what my day at the center consisted of? I helped a couple people out with their lives, directing them to places where they will make many wonderful memories hahahaha hopefully. Blessings for me! Rock on! I also read half of a really good book recommended to me by my 11 year old sister haha and I watched 2 episodes of Hellcats. Good day at work? Ya :) I think I'm gonna like this job... Oh and if you ever drive by the center and you see someone dancing in there? Don't come in. Just let me be. Its a big open space and I just can't resist blasting the music and bustin a move when I'm all alone in there.

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