Thursday, June 16, 2011

27 months? naahh try 16 days!

Holy Freakin Mother of Flippin Pearl! That's right people. Parker is coming to visit. In just 16 days I get to hear that laugh again. Happy happy joy joy. Feel free to join in my celebration by doing this dance. 
(Just a warning, there is a swear right at the beginning of the video, but the rest of it is clean. I quite enjoyed it.) 
I hate animals.
 Especially animals like this.
But doesn't he just look like he's jumping for joy?
I think so.
That's how I feel right now.


  1. OOOooo sounds exciting!!! You'd better bring him over for a meet and greet lol jk But I better meet him. Love ya hun and love you posts :)

  2. he is coming to visit you? WTF!? how did this happen. wow we haven't talked in so long :(