Monday, July 4, 2011


Guess what people. Parker David is here at last :) He arrived Saturday night at about 2:30ish am. I waited up. How the fetch was I supposed to sleep when I knew he'd be rollin into Cardston at any minute? Plus, I had tv to catch up on such as So you think you can dance-Wednesday and Thursdays episodes, Pretty little Liars, and some good ol' King of Queens. Then I get the text telling me that he was in town. I jumped up off the couch and asked craig, 'Where's the keys?! Where's the keys?!' He gave em to me and I was off. I have to admit I was driving much too fast in town but it was 3 in the morning.. no one was gonna be out. So then I get to his grandparents house and slammed my lil car into park after a terrible parking job, jumped outta the car and pretty much smothered him. That was one of the best hugs I've ever gotten. He's a good hugger. So I just kinda hung around for about a half hour then decided that since I worked at 8:30 the next morning and that it was pretty much 5 am his time that it was probably best that we both go to bed. We said goodbye. Maybe smooched a little. I went to bed with a smile on my face that night and will probably continue to do so while Parker is here.

Now for yesterdays stories. So I went to work at 8:30. Worked until 11. I left to go pick Parker up for church. We went to sacrament meeting with my family. We walked in and they were singing Oh Canada. All 4 verses. Its a long song when you just sing the first verse so you can imagine how long it is when you've gotta sing all 4 of em.. It was fast and testimony meeting too so I was plannin on tellin Parker all about the regulars when they got up but guess what happened. Not one of the regulars got up. Not a one! Cool right? That never happens! Parker picked a good week to come to church with us. So then my lunch break was done at noon so I left Parker with my family for the rest of church and boy was I ever stressin about it. I was thinking, who is he gonna go to sunday school and priesthood with?! I was nervous that some weirdies would bombarde him with questions. He got asked to introduce himself in priesthood and say where he was from and who he was visiting.. oh brother. haha He said he was visiting a girl. So they asked who. Then he told em and they are all, 'oooo Ken's daughter.' Awkward moment. I was just dying at this point when he was tellin me. He also had a lovely conversation with a guy in our ward who isn't all there so he sometimes tends to be a little creepy.. That was just an awkward situation all together. So after church my family invites him to come over to our house to wait for dinner while I'm still at work. Oh gall... I was just imagining Matlin and Camrie drivin him nuts and when I finally got off work and got home I walk into my living room to see him sittin on the couch just lookin worn out. Poor boy was probably just hatin his life. I was just glad he was still alive. We ate dinner. Then Parker and I just did what ya do on Sunday afternoons, minus the nap part. We played some cards.. He won. We went on a walk. We watched Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure with Camrie (Parker picked the movie) and we played some more cards. Took some LOVELY photobooth pictures that I will post soon. We watched Titanic, up to where they kissed, then decided that we should probably do that too... so then I went to take him home. He's a good kisser hahaha Did I mention that Matlin payed Parker chewy gobstoppers and starbursts to kiss me in front of her? haha What a girl.. Anyway, needless to say, I'm lovin life right now.


  1. oh chan. i'm just so happy for you! :)

  2. hahaha oh i'm loving all of this. i just WISH I COULD BE THERE! arggg.