Sunday, July 31, 2011

mattie caboosetry

This is Matlin. How beautiful is she?!

matlin is probably one of my worst enemies. but she's also definitely my best friend! Isn't that how it works with little sisters? She had her 14th birthday last week and she was in Utah while I was workin at home sooooo I didn't get to celebrate it with her. My parents did withhold her presents from her until we got here last night though.. poor girl. But I was excited to be able to be there while we sort of celebrated with her! Let me just tell you a little bit about Matlin.
She can dance. She's quite the little performer. That girl can move. She absolutely SPARKLES on stage and anyone that has seen her dance will agree with that I'm sure.
She can swim. Big whoop right? Ya well Mattie was in swim club a couple summers back and pretty much placed first, easily, in any and every event she entered. She can even do the butterfly and she's hecka good at it. She was in swim club when Michael Phelps was in the Olympics so I thought she was gonna be the next Michael Phelps haha.
She is artistic. She is super super good at drawing and painting and she can paint nails really well too! She's super creative and I am just so jealous of it.
She can play sports like nobody's business. She plays volleyball, basketball, and badminton. She would probably kick trash at rugby if she played. She also plays softball. She'll most definitely be showin me up next weekend in the family tournament, no question.
Sports sidenote that I think you should know.. The reason my family has been in Utah was because Jimmer Fredette was doing a basketball camp. Matlin got to go to it and it sounds like she had a GREAT time! So on Matlin's birthday, Jimmer didn't show up. The day after her birthday she went up to Jimmer and said, "You weren't here yesterday and it was my birthday so can you sign this?" then she handed him a jersey for him to sign. He said he couldn't sign it because then he'd have to sign everyone's stuff. Buttttt after that he kinda kept watchin Matlin as she went back to practicing and such. Her group started to play speed and Jimmer snuck in behind Matlin. She didn't know about it for a bit and my dad got her face on video when she realized that he was behind her. He played with his left hand for a while and then it ended up that Matlin and Jimmer were the last two in this game of speed and she was so close to beating him! Then after he beat her he high fived her and everything. Cooooool right? Ya I thought so. Awesome birthday present. Oh and Camrie even got to talk to him like twice and he even pulled her outside with him so he could sign something for her without the other kids seeing. Ahhhh I wish I could have been there!
She is absolutely and completely, hands down the funniest person I know. She never ceases to make me laugh. If you haven't yet witnessed her hilariousness go to my facebook and look at her birthday present for me. Miss Guacamole. Gets me eeeevvverry time!

Matlin and I have grown a lot closer the last few years and even though we still fight a lot, I love her to death. I actually like our cat fights with the pulling hair and playing tug of war with our clothes cuz its just funny to look back and laugh at how ridiculous we were! I'm glad that we've got so close. I love how we can spend time together and not kill each other and that we are actually friends now haha. I love how she wants to do my hair and my nails. I quite enjoy it. I am lovin seein her grow up even though she is taller than me now... happy birthday. and might possibly have bigger boobs. cheap! haha oh well. I still love her regardless.

Now. A collage of pictures of Matlin and I today :) haha
I love this girl!


  1. i love matlin!
    also. you 3. your outfits. super cute! i love them all.
    why you be lookin so great all the time?
    love you!

  2. awe i just love that girl! and she's taller?! what?!