Monday, August 22, 2011

cake pops

one time, tess and I decided to make cake pops. We did this out at her house. But there wasn't any internet so we didn't really have a recipe. Tessa had taken a picture of one a while back on her computer and I had found one earlier that day that I could kind of somewhat remember. We tried them both. Both turned out kinda nasty... Here is a documentation of their cuteness.

and this my friends, is why she is my bestie fo life yo

I don't like cooking... so I colored the skewers that the cake pops went on!

My sister is gonna date this. Just look at that chin! so chiseled haha

clayton helped us

He makes it look sooo appetizing 

we only had christmas themed stuff to work with
Clayton modeling the cake pops

ernst is where the party is at

finished product. lil nasties!
 If anyone has a cake pop recipe that is foolproof it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Awe so fun :) I miss you girls.

  2. OOOo LOVE cakepops. They are super easy to!!! You bake a cake mix. Chocolate, vanilla, etc. any kind you'd like in a 9 x 13 pan. Bake and cool. Break up cake in a mixing bowl and add 1 can cream cheese frosting (16oz.) Mix together. Usually easier to just use your hands lol. Roll into balls and put on a cookie sheet with wax paper on it. put in fridge to harden a little then dip in chocolate! YUm!! Let me know if you need anymore info! Good luck :)

  3. haha oh this is great. i love love love.