Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you ever listened to a song and a rush of memories just flood your mind?

This happens to me alllllll the time. 

Last November, my cousin Jon made me a CD of church songs.

That's all he listened to, you see. 

For probably a year before his mission, if not longer, he only listened to church music. He always told me that there was so much garbage out there in music these days and that he just felt better when he was listening to uplifting, wholesome music. What an example eh?

He had numerous CD's of just church music and whenever we went anywhere together we were listening to talks and hymns and efy songs. It just made ya feel good ya know? He used to get so excited about the new song's he'd find and he'd ask me to come sit in his car after basketball/cheer practice or school so I could hear them and it was so fun to see the excitement on his face when he'd show me. He had so many of the talks and songs memorized too! I'm sure that's helped him on his mission. 

Anyway, back to the CD story. So Jon gave me a CD of church songs including two songs that were sung and recorded by my cousins themselves. I have a talented family if you didn't know! They coulda been the Osmonds I swear!

We had that CD playing every day.
The feeling in our home changed.
The spirit was present. 
We never fought. 

We just felt like loving everyone and even though it wasn't technically Christmas music, it was still Christmas music because it all brought the spirit into our home and made you want to be more Christlike. It was one of those CD's you listen to so much that after one song is done, you can start singing the next one even before it starts. 

I started listening to this CD this morning while I was getting ready for church and I was instantly taken back to last November/December.

I was taken to the newly renovated living room. Sitting on the floor doing a Christmas puzzle with my sisters. The Christmas scented scentsy on. mmmm! The CD was playin beside us. It was snowing outside but we were all warm and cozy with the new fireplace blazing. The Christmas lights were on. The Christmas tree is there in its yellow glory :) My sisters and I are laughing as Matlin is saying something hilarious. I could literally feel the excitement and anticipation of Christmas and also Craig's homecoming!

I was then whisked away to when we were making the Christmas decorations for the tree. We did things a little different last year. We decorated the whole thing in yellow in honor of Craig coming home from the mission. It was awesome. Almost all of the decorations on the tree were homemade. It made it more special I think. My mom was sitting on the couch handing out the decorations for us to put on the tree as she was also stirring the fudge mmm. mouthwatering! 
sorry its blurry. just look at how pretty that star is!

whatta goof!
The next scene that flashed in my mind was December 15th. The airport. I was so incredibly excited. I don't think anyone fully understands how I felt about this day. It was truly the best day of my whole life and it made my Christmas. We have a video on my dad's phone of when Craig came off the plane and you can just hear me sobbing. That was easily one of the best hugs I've ever had in my whole life. I just love my brother so much and when he stepped out of that plane and his tie whipped around in the wind, it felt surreal. I couldn't believe he was home but I was so glad he was.
I'm so glad that I get to relive all of these happy memories when I listen to this music. Its so powerful and it just made me so excited for Christmas this year! I never thought I would say it, but I'm excited for fall. I'm excited for it to get a little bit colder. I'm excited that I will soon get to wear jackets and scarves and look all cute wearing a toque. I'm excited for the smells that come along with Christmas.  I got a Christmas scentsy for myself here at school and I am tempted to use it right now...  I'm excited for Christmas lights and to decorate the tree. I'm excited for fudge and Christmas oranges and Nana's incredible punch!!! I'm excited to watch my sisters faces on Christmas morning and to see their excitement. I'm excited for Matlin's excitement sneezes! hahaha I'm excited to figure out the perfect gifts to give my family and friends and to see their faces when they open them. I'm really excited for the music and to create more memories to go along with the songs we listen to this Christmas so I can remember everything each time I listen to them. I'm especially excited to spend this Christmas with my family again. 
All of us together :) 

This is a list of the songs on the CD.
If you want the two that are sung by my cousins, comment on here with your email and I'll send them to you. They are fabulous!! 
Come Thou Fount- Jericho Road
All Creatures of Our God and King- Eclipse
Efy medley. This one never gets old for me. I still get chills every time!
Shine on- David Osmond
Evening Prayer- Eclipse
I believe in Christ- Eclipse (a favorite. When they sing we shall obtain, I get goose bumps!)
Praise to the Man- Jenny Jordan Frogley
Emma Smith. Never had an Ordinary Day-Mindy Gledhill
The Moroni's Quest theme song :)
The Book of Mormon Movie Soundtrack- The Olive Tree
I can only Imagine- original by MercyMe but I have a better version... I don't know what his name is though.
Stand in the light-Michael Webb
One voice- Dustin Gledhill
Prayer of the Children (Yes, this is the song that went with that video we watched in elementary school every remembrance day.)
The Rising (From an album called Joseph- a Nashville tribute to the prophet.)
Go with me- Eclipse

Now. Pretty please would you tell me what your favorite church songs are? Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top if you like cherries! I just love adding to this list. I love accapella songs especially. forgive me if I spelled that word wrong. Anyway, seriously though. Tell me your favorites! 
Thank you!


  1. WOW! have I ever told you how much I LOVE YOUR LITTLE BLOG TO SMITHEREENS?! I sat and read and cried and laughed and smiled and felt blessed! Luvies

  2. ooo I would love to hear those songs by your cousins! I would also like to know whom these cousins are. ANYWHO my email is

  3. aw man this just made me miss my family. aren't families the best things ever?! i liked this post a lot.. brother missionaries getting home is the greatest.

  4. Me! Haha