Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is GREAT!

My roomies are GREAT!
My apartment is GREAT!
My life is just GREAT right now :) I'm so blessed!
Last night for dinner, the incredible Lexi Lyon made indian food! I've never had it before so I was a lil bit nervous.. but it was delish. mm so good. My roomates are incredible girls and I seriously lucked out like crazy. gosh. I just can't get over how awesome this turned out. After our fabulous indian dinner, we played a game with the grapes. it went a little like this...

After this, some fellow Canadians came over and we took awkward family pictures. We tried to yell out an emotion right before the picture was taken. Guess which emotion or whatever we are tryin to do in each picture! I even numbered them for you to make your life easier :)


  1. So probably the best picture is Kody in #6! It's awesome! Looks like your having a ton of fun girly down at school! Keep in touch. Love ya!

  2. oh connor... that hurt me to see. haha

  3. Hey is that Parker's sweatshirt?? (: cute!

  4. # 6 is the worst....haha i have no clue what happened there