Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sorry... I'm lame.
 My life just got interesting though!
Soooo have you ever heard of Savion Glover?
Have you ever heard of Happy Feet?
Ya.. Savion Glover is the tapper for happy feet. How awesome is he??
Ok. So here at BYU we were fortunate enough to have a lil visit from Mr. Glover himself!
He is performing tonight actually. and I'm sure it will be FABULOUS!
He also did a master class.
It was wonderful.
We didn't actually tap that much though..
he talked. a lot. but it was good talk.
about timing and tempo and counting and all that great stuff that comes along with tapping!
Tap is my favorite thing in this world probably. or at least one of my favorites fo sho so I found all of this very interesting.
Tessa May was on my left. and my tappity tap friend Andrew was on my right.
Savion asked them both to do a lil tapping for him.
Was I jealous? heck yes!
I wanted him to pick me. even though I know I would have probably peed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you don't love her, you are crazy!

So I just love someone. 
Guess who? 
If you guess my mom, you are RIGHT!
She is just the greatest lady, wouldn't you agree? and beautiful to boot. 
It isn't her birthday or mothers day or a special day for her or anything.. I have just been really loving my mom lately. Don't get me wrong. I love her always, but lately I have felt it a lot more than usual. I think I'm just reallllllly excited to come home. Anyway, my mom is loved by not only me but so many people. Sometimes she doesn't really realize how awesome she truly is! I decided to do a lil somethin somethin for her to show just an inkling of how loved and appreciated she really is by EVERYONE and not just me! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ohhhh the excitement!

I cannot begin to express how faaareakin excited I am for American Thanksgiving. I think that's when my Christmas is going to start. Then its going to take a little break so I can kick butt on finals. Then I get to continue my Christmas awesomeness. Christmas this year is going to be incredible. I just know it! First of all... Its on a Sunday. Who doesn't LOVE Sunday Christmases? I absolutely adore them. There is something just that much more special about a Sunday Christmas. The Christmas program at church is just always amazing and I feel the spirit so strongly! I think having Christmas on a Sunday helps me to really focus on what Christmas is all about ya know? Just my thoughts. 
Some things I am going to do this Christmas are: 
-Help my mom with the fudge. because I always just watch her do it.. its time for me to learn. Mom you've got this in writing. so enforce it! 
-Complete one or two Christmas puzzles with the lil sisters :) 
-Read The Christmas Promise. (Only the BEST Christmas book you'll ever read. I bawl my eyes out every. single. time.) 
-Read a regular book. 
-Go to some good ole Cardston High School Basketball games. 
-Go to Craig's Kodiak basketball games!! So excited!
-Drink far too much hot chocolate.