Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If you don't love her, you are crazy!

So I just love someone. 
Guess who? 
If you guess my mom, you are RIGHT!
She is just the greatest lady, wouldn't you agree? and beautiful to boot. 
It isn't her birthday or mothers day or a special day for her or anything.. I have just been really loving my mom lately. Don't get me wrong. I love her always, but lately I have felt it a lot more than usual. I think I'm just reallllllly excited to come home. Anyway, my mom is loved by not only me but so many people. Sometimes she doesn't really realize how awesome she truly is! I decided to do a lil somethin somethin for her to show just an inkling of how loved and appreciated she really is by EVERYONE and not just me! 

Aubrey Zemp: She pushes us so hard and makes us such better dancers!! But we can joke around with her too. And of course she's pres dang hott too!

Janay Jasperson: Miss Cheryl is amazing! 
She is the best dance teacher in the history of ever! I absolutely loved having her as a dance teacher/cheer coach! She is soo funny, creative, and very stylish :) I love her dedication in whatever she does. Thank you for all that you do miss cheryl.

Mattlen Gibb: she's got SPUNK!

Abbey Schow: She is so kind and just makes you want to do everything she says and she is the funnest teacher and I just think she is amazing!!

Hallie Jasperson: Miss Cheryl is a very creative lady. She's a great example to all those she teaches, because she shows such dedication & kindness to her students. I've loved having her as a teacher. & I'm looking forward to more years of having her as my teacher. She's simply amazing! :)

Denae Johansen: Cheryl is always there for me and she always knows how to make my day! She is a woman of great integrity, passion, dedication, and love! Gorgeous as can be! I love her to the moon and back!

Caley Merrill: Cheryl is very creative. She is very deticated to her work and is super gorgeous!

Stephanie Maughan My first memory of your Mom was the two of us as sugar plum fairies in white tutu's with little red bows all around the skirting holding little fairy wands, she had two black ringlet ponytails in her hair. From there we danced together most of our growing up years. What can i say we had tons of fun together, laughed lots. One of those times was when we were on a double date with your Dad. We were both sitting in the back seat with big football shaped bubble gums seeing how many we could fit into our mouths. (no offense to your Dad or nothing but we were having so much fun together it seemed we would have been just as happy if we were the only ones there that night...our dates thought we were crazy lol) And many times we were.
Then there were the days we played Charlies angels with our shoes as our phones...and the ironing boards as our bank counters. We were great playmates:)
When I think of your Mom I think of elegance. She puts her hole heart into her family as your Grandmother and Great Grand mother did also....I love your Mom...thanks for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you. It was fun and touched my heart to think about what a great person she is. 

Diana Tanner: When Darren & I first moved into the ward it was cheryl who wholde heartedly welcome us and made us feel welcome. She would invite us to play games, eat and have fun. She also invited me into her bunko group. It's hard to meake new friends but thanks to her she made it alot easier.
We love playing games and doing that with Cheryl is such a blast...especially when she his high on medication (ha, ha) or doing some crazy dance.
I have found that Cheryl is a very caring person. There have been many a time that she has cooked supper of offered to babsit i times of need, even though she is extremely busy.
She will always find ways to help others.
She amazes me with her talents. Scrapbooking, singing, dancing. Especially dance. Each year I walk away from the dance recital in complete awe of her creativeness.
As you can tell it is hard to say why I love Cheryl in just a few words but to sum it up she is creative, talented, caring, sylish, friendly, hilarious, and just amazing. Love ya Cheryl!

Tammy Heggie: Cheryl is one of my very best friends for a number of reasons. She is thoughtful and kind. She is quick to see times when I am in need, and offer to help, or send over a meal. She is fun. Some of my favorite times are when we get together as couples to just visit and play games. She is classy and put together. She is the first person I think of when I picture someone with style. Many people look to her for that. She has a great eye for detail, and always puts that little extra touch into everything she does. But one of my favorite characteristics that I love about Cheryl is her ability to be a great mom. You can see her love for her kids in how she talks about them, the things she does for them, and how they feel about her. I feel privileged to call her a friend!

Melissa Atwood: I really enjoyed working with your Mom in YW -- She was always so great at coming up with ideas that the girls would love. She was so talented at the decorating for any of the activities that required it, and we had so much fun crafting the gifts for the YW at Christmas and for birthdays. I have always admired your mom for how well she can stay organized with so much going on -- amazing! I feel so blessed to know her and feel like I can learn so much from her. She is an amazing lady. <3

Jana Atwood: Cheryl is a lot of fun to be around! She likes to laugh and have a good time and she knows how to relax and have fun (when she's in holiday mode anyways) and we've always enjoyed our trips with your family. She has also got great taste in music (she knows & remembers every song out there, haha!) and in clothes, and she always looks so stylish and hip and fabulous. I also admire what a dedicated mom she is and how she supports and loves her family and I know your family is blessed for having her for your mom! :) Cheryl, hope you know how much you are loved -- you're awesome!

Letje Gibb: I love how creative she is, she has such a gift. it is so fun to watch the dance recital and see all the amazing dances and costumes and the music that she puts together its just beautiful. i love her spirit and her testimony it is so strong with her. i love how she is not afraid to have fun and be goofy. and of course her sense of style, she is beautiful!

Hannah Farrell: I love Cheryl. Cheer-Natzi. Love her. Do death. For ever. And Ever. Amen. haha.. But seriously... she's so multi-talented... dance, craftiness, organization.. just to name a few. But something that i've come to realize about Cheryl is how the type of mother that she is. The relationship that i see between her and especially Chelan, really inspires me - and i hope to get together with Cheryl to learn all her tips - But really i'm just in awe of her. Little things like decorating the Christmas tree with yellow bows for Craig's return from his mission, to mother-daughter trips with Chelan, to dedicating so much of her time and talents to change young girls lives in dance (and cheer). You can see how much she cares about the youth - in particular the YW in her ward, as her Facebook statuses involved them. Cheryl is so dedicated to everything she does. She's a beautiful person inside and out.Cheryl seems to have such an amazing balance. I look up to her and admire her a lot. I love you Cheryl! <3

Renee Quinton: Some of the things I love about Cheryl...I love that Cheryl has been one of
my best friends for many years (16 to be exact) and that she has worked hard
to be an awesome friend. I love how Cheryl is a party-planner, by the way
when are you having a party next??? I LOVE to SHOP with Cheryl because she
never stops to eat, oh that's me :) She can always find the BEST bargains. I love our tube rides together, but I'm afraid my age is catching up to me and that I might just have to sit back and watch. I love that Cheryl is a shows in everything she does. Cheryl has touched the
lives of countless people. I love that she loves to dance and has shared her talents with so many young people. You are such a fun & beautiful person and
I love you for being you!!!!

Brittany Schaffer: Cheryl... Well first thing that comes to mind is ROWDIE! Ha ok ok maybe not but that sure is a good memory! Cheryl your amazing! You have so much to give and I saw that by being in cheer and everything you had to offer. You always came up with fun and exciting dances. I always looked forward to learning more from you. This proves your an amazing teacher! I also saw what amazing mother you are by being such good friends with Chelan. You are like her best friend and always there for your kids. Some people would say you have to be their mother first but some how you find a way to be both and that truely takes a strong, giving woman! I'm also jealous you have awesome clothes! Thanks for everything you do, Fo' Real!

Courtney Aitken: I love your mama! For one, she is the best dressed woman I know (case and point- she gets hit on more at the university mall than anyone I know:)), she is funny, but more than anything, she is a good mom and example to our family! She has so much love for people and always seems to be serving those around her. She is a true example of charity and love!

Cindy Schow: Cheryl, aka Chey, is one of my good friends and has been for many many years. I think pretty much anytime I'm around her we are laughing about something! Some of her awesome qualities that I admire are: she is young at heart, her family is #1 important to her and she doesn't mind taking the time to create special memories with them. One example of the things she does that comes to mind is her Valentine's day dinners complete with fancy table settings and centerpieces and gifts for everyone. Her birthday parties that she plans and carries out for her kids is another great example of that devotion to her family. She is always stylin' and is dressed so cute and hip, from the clothes to the jewellry to the shoes, she finds the best of everything and puts it together and pretty much looks like a model. She knows the best music out there, people are always asking her for music (okay it's mostly me but I'm sure we are all wishing we knew what the good songs were!). She is an awesome dance teacher, the girls love her and I look forward to seeing the dances she choreographs each year, they are always top notch and I love her style. She is a planner and what's not to love about that?! She knows what she or her family is going to do at least a year in advance and I'm guessing even further! I love that and used to be like that, someday I hope to be again. From what I can gather on her posts on facebook, her family eats amazing dinners pretty much every single night! They sound so delicious, makes me wish I was a McMurray kid growing up in that house! haha! :) I will never know how Cheryl can do so many things in a single week, she is an amazing person, full of creativity and fun and has many talents that she is willing to share with others. She has been a great example to me in many ways through the years and I'm glad to be able to call her my friend. Love ya Chey! :)

Sarah Prete: what I love most about your mom is that she is a great mom. I know she's not my mom, but I have seen how much her children love her and what a great friend she is to her children and it makes me want to be like that. I hope that when my kids get older, they love me as much as you guys love your mom. I also love that your mom loves to laugh and have a good time. She is spunky and fashionable and fun to be around and I really do love her. :)

Craig McMurray: I love my mom! She is one of the most amazing people in my life. Even though I no longer live at home, she still continues to be huge part of my life. She calls and texts me on a regular basis just to see how my life is going. I love that she cares so much to do that. She is constantly striving to make me happy. Two weekends in a row she has sacrificed time to travel to calgary to watch me play basketball. She has always been incredibly supportive. My mom is also very charitable! For example, sometimes when we are eating something really yummy, she offers me the rest of her food even when I know for a fact that she is still hungry. I usually turn it down at first but she knows that I really want it so she always offers it again. Rarely do I turn down the second offer hahaha. Its just amazing to me, the sacrifices, that she makes for our family. My mom has an amazing testimony as well which has been a huge influence on me. I am grateful for all that she does. She is an incredible person. I love you Mom!

Matlin McMurray:  mom i love you sooo much! .. you do everything for me and this family! dont ever change. your beautiful and you know it! we picked you in heaven! love you <3

Momizzle. Oh How I love you. I hope you know how loved you are by not only these ladies but so so many more people! These are just a few. I hope you know how much I love you. Not to mention our Heavenly Father and our Savior as well. So many of these ladies mentioned our relationship and I'm glad that people can see what we have. I think we have a mother/daughter relationship like no other. It is better than any other and simply can't be duplicated. I love it! We've got somethin special and I will cherish it forever. I love dancing with you. I love making ugly faces with you. I love jamming to music in the aspen on the way to Lethbridge with you. I love watching our tv shows together and our chick flicks with seasoned popcorn and diet pepsi's in your bed. I love that I somewhat look like you and we are beginning to realize it haha That means one day I will be a fraction of as beautiful as you are and that will be awesome! I love coming up with new dance moves with you. I love sharing the things that I'm learning at BYU with you. I love teaching your dance classes for you. I love taking dance class from you. I love that we tap together and that you are going to tap until you are 85! I love that you are an amazing cook! I love how much you care about your children. I love how much you miss me.. is that weird? I don't think so. I love your testimony. I love how much you love Dad. I love that you were married in the temple :) I love that you are one of my friends best friends. I love how excited you are for me to come home. I love that you love Parker too. I love shopping with you. I love that you can buy me clothes without me there and know that I will LOVE THEM! I love that we can share clothes! You are just a stylish lady. I wanna just thank you for bein such an amazing example to me. I wanna thank you for being so involved in my life! Thank you for being my Young Womans leader, my cheer coach, my dance teacher, my best friend, and last but most definitely not least, my momma! You mean the world to me lady! Thank you for raising me the way you have. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in everything I do. Thank you for standing up for me and teaching me to do and be so many things. I miss you everyday. I cannot wait to come home to see you. I'm ready to come home to my momizzle... I LOVE YOU! 

Now in honor of music monday this here is a lil song dedicated to my momizzle fo shizzle. Hordy Hord and Tessa May and I choreographed a dance to this at our last dance recital together to surprise our teachers and parents to say thank you. My teacher just happened to be my parent. Coolio how that worked out :) haha Thank you momizzle for EVERYTHING YOU DO! You are loved! 


  1. This is such a cute idea! but cheryl you really are great! I don't know how you dealt with my lack of dancing ability for a whole year! hahah.. but just to add a little bit to what was said above, you really are so inspiring. everything you do, you do with everything you have. And chan, you are SO much like your mama!

  2. I don't even know what to say...........except Thank you Chelan for being the beautiful, kind, amazing daughter that you are and thank you everyone for your kindness. I don't know if any of you will read this, but Chelan knew I had been feeling a little down lately and I can see from this beautiful blogpost that she is a very caring girl and I have to say that I am in a little bit of shock to read all the nice things people have said. I hope you all know how important you are to me and how touched I am......truly! I know that I have alot to be thankful for!

    <3 Cheryl

  3. Thanks Kate! That means a lot to me :) and Mom I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love you!

  4. you are such a great daughter lil chelanner. I didn't get to put my little input in and so here it is... cheryl you are hilarious. and witty. and bright. the things you pulled out in dance class and the creativity you have is amazing. seriously. i envy you. And also, you're gorgeous. And don't look a day over 20 I swear, hence everyone mistaking you and Chelan as sisters. You always stick up for what you believe in and you always stuck up for us girls :) thank you so much for the example you are to me, and all you have done for me. Thanks for letting me over at your house ;) and for allowing me and chan to be loud and obnoxious at times. you're the best! love you! ps. you also have the greatest taste in music!