Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ohhhh the excitement!

I cannot begin to express how faaareakin excited I am for American Thanksgiving. I think that's when my Christmas is going to start. Then its going to take a little break so I can kick butt on finals. Then I get to continue my Christmas awesomeness. Christmas this year is going to be incredible. I just know it! First of all... Its on a Sunday. Who doesn't LOVE Sunday Christmases? I absolutely adore them. There is something just that much more special about a Sunday Christmas. The Christmas program at church is just always amazing and I feel the spirit so strongly! I think having Christmas on a Sunday helps me to really focus on what Christmas is all about ya know? Just my thoughts. 
Some things I am going to do this Christmas are: 
-Help my mom with the fudge. because I always just watch her do it.. its time for me to learn. Mom you've got this in writing. so enforce it! 
-Complete one or two Christmas puzzles with the lil sisters :) 
-Read The Christmas Promise. (Only the BEST Christmas book you'll ever read. I bawl my eyes out every. single. time.) 
-Read a regular book. 
-Go to some good ole Cardston High School Basketball games. 
-Go to Craig's Kodiak basketball games!! So excited!
-Drink far too much hot chocolate. 

-Dip tuna in my hot chocolate.
-Eat lots and lots of Nana's devine chocolates! 
-Relearn Jon Schmidt's Christmas medley on the piano. 
-Sit all cozy like by the fireplace at home with the lights off while I look at the the snow falling outside and the Christmas tree lights sparkle :)
-Maybe craft a lil bit in my spare time? I dunno haha If I have any spare time after all.
-Just chill with my family. Oh I can't wait to go home!!
-Watch Polar Express with the sisters.
-Sing along to Christmas music and breathe in lovely Christmas Scentsy scents. mmmm so cozy!

I am SO excited!
Doesn't it look cozy?

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  1. family is just the BEST isn't it? Cardston is just the best place to raise a family isn't it? Great list Chan.....I may join you on some or all of those goals!