Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sorry... I'm lame.
 My life just got interesting though!
Soooo have you ever heard of Savion Glover?
Have you ever heard of Happy Feet?
Ya.. Savion Glover is the tapper for happy feet. How awesome is he??
Ok. So here at BYU we were fortunate enough to have a lil visit from Mr. Glover himself!
He is performing tonight actually. and I'm sure it will be FABULOUS!
He also did a master class.
It was wonderful.
We didn't actually tap that much though..
he talked. a lot. but it was good talk.
about timing and tempo and counting and all that great stuff that comes along with tapping!
Tap is my favorite thing in this world probably. or at least one of my favorites fo sho so I found all of this very interesting.
Tessa May was on my left. and my tappity tap friend Andrew was on my right.
Savion asked them both to do a lil tapping for him.
Was I jealous? heck yes!
I wanted him to pick me. even though I know I would have probably peed.

He then put on his tap shoes and did a wee bit of tapping. Not much. I think he was saving some for tonight!
Oh em gee I cannot wait for tonight.
I got to shake his hand.
I'm never washing my right hand again.
As I shook his hand I said thank you to him and then he looks at me and said, "Why didn't I hear from you?" as in why didn't you tap for me? welllll bud. you didn't pick me!! ugh.
I'm not upset haha at least he talked to me right? He saw my face.
and then tess and I got a picture with him! sooooo cool. I have touched greatness.

Next interesting thing that happened was that after this master class I got to my writing class.
and then I realized that I left my water bottle.
I ran back to get it.
It was a long hallway so I had to run.. awkward.
apparently I look good when I run?
becauseeee.. buddy named logan stopped me on the way back to my writing class and said, "I know you are in a hurry but can I talk to you for a sec?"
I didn't want to be rude so I agreed.
He then told me that him and his brother are photographers for somethin or other that do like adds for something? I don't really know what it was... so then he showed me some of their work. a couple pictures that were in sports illustrated and such. legit right?
anyway, so then he asked if I would be interested in doing something like that with them.
he asked me for my number.. I figured that can't hurt.
He said he'd send me some of their info and websites to look at and what not.
Could be interesting.
I think I look like a tard when I run, but I guess not?
What a compliment hahaha
awkward moment? extremely.

Next thing that has been going on in my life? I finally have friends. haha my roomies and I are antisocial. We finally have friends though. An awesome group of boys in our ward have befriended us and they are so fun! I'm glad I finally have some friends haha its only taken us 3 months.

welllll that's all I can think of for now. Have a lovely day!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing day, night and life there a lil ol BYU. So happy for all you are experiencing dolly. I love your Blog :)