Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas Harry! Happy Christmas Ron!

I love Christmas!
I love family.
I love puzzles. 
I love Prison Break.
I love games!
I love foooooood.
I love reading.
I love the scriptures.
I love singing Christmas songs.
I love pajamas.
I love chocolates.
I love the NBA.
I love BYU pillow pets.
I love cozy socks.
I love diet pepsi.
I love high school basketball.
I might love skiing? I have yet to find out. Later this week perhaps?
I love getting my hair done.
I love Christmas nails.
I love emails from missionaries.
I love the Gospel. 
I love new clothes, make up, jewelry, and accessories.
I love taking pictures.
I love new 55' flat screen tv's. 
I love Christmas oranges.
I love Christmas lights.
I love teaching dance.
I love beef jerky and hot rods.
I love deep fried pickles. Homemade of course.
I just love everything about being home and this Christmas season. Its been a great Christmas :)

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