Tuesday, January 10, 2012

monday night

Monday night was fabulous. let me tell you why.
I hung out with Lexi and we just had the greatest time!
We went to FHE. We have a new FHE family.
They are cool.
We played a lil bit of bananagrams. I wasn't very good.
We also played the old, first version of dance central on the kinnect.
I tried to jerk.. and it turned out really well. ha
I decided that Lexi needed to play the newest version of this game and my home teacher and his roomies just happened to have it so we invited ourselves over.
They rearranged their living room so that we could play and oh gosh was it ever fun!
We were all sweaty and hot and laughing and just having a blast!
I wish we would have recorded it because I'm sure we all looked fabulous! 
Lexi and I then went home to find that our roomies were missing. We couldn't find them anywhere! No one was answering their phones and we couldn't see them in anyone's windows. 
were just so confused. 
Then we decided that they were probably doing something awesome and that we had to have more fun than them. 
So we went over to our guy friends place and played cards. Spaz to be exact. 
It was great fun. Tim was really fast. Tommy didn't like it so much. 
Then we played some Egyptian Corkscrew game that I was terrible at but I did get better. 
It turned out to be a really fun night! 
We definitely topped the roomies ;) haha
I'm just glad that I get to room with such awesome people and have such great friends that I can call anytime to have a little fun!
oh ya. I forgot to mention that Tim walked Lexi and I home and then we found Candace on the way so she came with us. Then we played Nertz. I dominated thank you :) haha
All in all it was good for me to have a little fun! Who knew a Monday could do that for me?

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! I love dance central. And nertz! Glad you had a happy Monday!