Tuesday, March 13, 2012

blah blah blah

just a bunch of random facts I guess
1. I'm procrastinating my stats homework because I don't understand it

2. I ran for a whole 15 minutes today without stopping to walk or anything.. this is big for me. I majorly lack stamina. boo

3. The training room had 80's music playing this morning which just started my day off right. reminded me of my dad and brother

4. I love soda crackers

5. flick flacks are not my friends. we just don't get along

6. its that awkward time of day when I'm hungry but don't want to eat anything right now because its not dinner time yet. If I do eat now.. I'll eat another meal later cuz I'll be hungry again

7. my feet are in desperate need of a pedicure. good thing the mother is coming soon so I can get one :)

8. my momizzle, nanizzle, and camrizzle are coming in 10 days!!

9. this means I only have 10 days to get my dances looking fabulous

10. eating healthy blows

11. skipping stats lab was probably not my best move....

12. randomly painted fingernails are fun

13. sleeping feels oh so good

14. there is a pink sock monkey giving me the cold shoulder at the moment

15. missionary emails make my week

16. the cramps suck!

17. my brother has funny friends from the mission

18. my brother comes to visit me beginning of april

19. I do a contemporary dance to a showtune.....

20. I am reading the help and yes, I'm loving it

21. I crave chocolate always. 

22. I don't really crave diet pepsi as much as I used to

23. I am excited to get married. yet terrified out of my mind at the same time. good thing that won't be happening any time soon eh?

24. sometimes male companionship sounds nice. 

25. I might very possibly be teaching at a dance camp this summer. Hopefully it all works out!

26. I had the chance to go home this weekend but there is a little thing called school that is keeping me here... 

27. my legs hate me for running two days in a row

28. tomorrow is color day in ballet. wearing my pink bodysuit makes it worth going (not to mention that I love ballet. its just a battle to get me there some days)

29. my bishops wife/contemporary teacher makes dang good french toast with homemade toppings!

30. unscrambling words is one of my favorite games

31. I have done far too much sudoku as of late

32. I got sunburnt this last weekend and plan on doing it again this coming weekend

33. I'm missing provincials in Cardston. *tear*

34. I missed zones :(

35. high school was awesome and so incredibly easy

36. a brownie sounds really good right now

37. sometimes when I am alone in my apartment, I yell at the plants because Lexi thinks they have feelings. I don't believe her. I test it out and they are still alive and well so I am right

38. I wish I was good at tennis

39. having cute fingernails makes ballet easier

40. my sisters have put my 'hard work is worth it' schpeel to practice and HA! Its working! They now both love ballet :) :) :)

41. dance moms comes on tonight

42. apartment hunting is no bueno

43. If you were to fall into a black hole, you'd be stretched into a very long and thin string through a process known as "Spaghettification."

 That's all for now minions. Have a great tuesday!

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  1. ha ha Channy I love reading your blog...brings joy to my soul.