Friday, May 11, 2012

Recital Week

Its recital week and I am as busy as ever.
The funny thing is, I'm not even nearly as heavily involved as I used to be!
Truth is, I miss it.
I miss it so so much!
I miss being a part of a team.
Dancing with my friends every day.
When I got to wear all the pretty costumes and have the stage make up and hair.
The glitter, the tights, the buns.
I miss everything.
I miss learning dances and perfecting them until midnight the night before the show.
Dancing at JDA has been one of my favorite times in my life and I'm sure it always will be.
This year, I am happy to say that I am dancing in the recital and there have been quite a few late nights getting my dances together.
I'm dancing with Jordan Zemp, Michelle Zemp, and Tessa Merrill.
We all have busy schedules working and such so its tough to work around it but we find time. late at night. to rehearse and perfect it.
It is almost like being a part of a team again.
I guess that's exactly what it is.
But I have to say that I miss Miss Jodi and my mom yelling corrections at us..
I also have to say that I really like our dance this year.
And you should know. We are dancing for two reasons.
1. Because we love it.
2. To advertise for our summer dance camp that Jordan, Michelle, and I are doing this year.
Its going to be awesome and everyone should come!
I cannot wait for that week. Its definitely going to be a week to remember.
Anyway, as I have been watching the recital happenings going on this week and weeks leading up to this one, I have been quietly filming little bits and pieces here and there.
This is the result. I'm quite proud of this little gem.
This is super terrible quality... I can't make it good quality. I'll upload it to YouTube one day in the near future. Watch if you want to with the bad quality. If not, I'll keep you posted on when it goes to YouTube.


  1. when are where and what is this recital? i will have answers.

  2. Post a video of your dance with Jordan and Michelle and Tessa! I LOVE watchng dannnnnnce!

  3. Chan that was awesome.! I'm soo excited to watch the dance recital this year! I maybe miss it a little bit. Oh and the parts with Jodi and your mom on stage.. is that a preview for number? One like the nerd dance perhaps? Because that would be awesome! Those are my favorite. :)

    1. Thanks steph! Unfortunately that was not a preview for anything.. it was just very very late one night after rehearsing all day and they were letting out some steam. I was fortunate enough to catch in on film haha It was hilarious to say the least! I'm excited that you are coming to the show though!!!

  4. Umm okay crying. hahahaha this was so cute. Some things just never change ya know? I just love JDA. =)

    PS LOveee the new look! =)