Sunday, September 2, 2012


Well kids.. I'm back at BYU. Its been one week already. It flew by but at the same time dragged on. I am loving my classes so far. I surprisingly like all of them. I'm taking Human Anatomy which has a lecture and a lab, Human Development, New Testament, Geology, Music for Dancers, Jazz, and Contemporary. As of now, my two favorite classes are probably Anatomy and Contemporary. My anatomy class is just right up my alley. Memorization woot woot! That I can do! I can name all the bones in your skull and spell them too. Not to mention all the little holes in your head too. Impressive right? We have a guest teacher for the first two weeks of Contemporary and I'm loving it. Her choreography is different from anything I've ever done and it is so much fun!

I love my roommates already :) I am living with my goooooood friend Arielle who I roomed with my first semester. Its a hoot. She's crazy. But that's why I love her! We are also living with a girl named Kelsi Gormley who knew Arielle and then Kelsi's friend Ingunn who is from Norway. Lotsa fun these ladies. I'm sure its going to be a good semester. Kelsi and Ingunn are both returned missionaries. Kelsi served in Brazil and Ingunn served in Minnesota. I can tell that living with them is going to make me a better person :) I can feel the spirit in our apartment already which is something that I have to say, I haven't always felt before in previous apartments.. Not that other apartments I was living in lacked a feeling of the spirit, its just stronger here right now. Or maybe I'm just more susceptible to it at this particular time in my life. Who really knows eh? All I know is that its good and I want to be part of what is making it possible to feel the spirit in our apartment. 

Another thing that I am really excited about this semester is something called RED5. Our ward is going to all read the Book of Mormon together this semester and if we follow the schedule, we will have it read by December. My roommates and I started reading together as soon as we got home from church today. I like that. I'm excited, I think that it'll not only bring us closer to each other as an apartment, but also each individually closer to our Heavenly Father. 

On that note, I didn't mean for this post to be a lil spiritual rant.. but that's what it turned out to be. As I was in church today I was thinking that I should probably share my testimony more often and I have, for some reason unknown to me, always been a little apprehensive about sharing my testimony on my blog and I know I shouldn't be. That's gonna change a little bit. 

The Book is blue and the Church is true. 


  1. Sounds like a good time! Heard you were in one of Melissa's classes! Fun. Take good care of her for me. :)

    1. you bet your bottom dollar I will! I was so excited to see her there!