Thursday, January 8, 2015

Girls Day Out!

Back in November Tessa, Candace, and I attended the Pinner's Conference in Sandy, Utah for a girls day out. Now, what is the Pinner's Conference you ask? Well is basically real life Pinterest! It was a dream, I tell you! There were a ton of booths that were selling different things, a bunch of giveaways to enter, and people giving out some free samples of their products. There were classes that you could take that ranged from cooking to fitness to crafting to make up to clothing!

 As we were wandering and marveling at all of the cute things they had to offer, we stumbled upon the Pebbles In My Pocket booth and found the CUTEST wooden 'joy' craft. We each purchased one and decided to put them together about a week later.
We modified the instructions a little bit because we didn't want to spend any extra money on supplies that we would probably only use once. For example, we used the leftover mod podge to glue on the leaves to the letter J instead of wood glue that was recommended and rather than buying chalk to give the edges a distressed look, we used brown eyeshadow! Here is the finished product!
I thought using a snowflake for the O was adorable!
I am so happy with how this turned out... so much so that I haven't put any of my Christmas decorations away yet :) haha After having so much fun doing this craft, I've definitely caught the crafting bug and I'm so excited to share the other fun things I've been working on! 

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  1. SO adorable! Love the tulle and holly touches too- nice work : )