Saturday, June 20, 2015

15 Things For Summer 2015

This summer Parker and I decided to just have fun. We aren't getting jobs because we want to take advantage of this last summer we have before medical school takes over our lives. We are just going to play all. summer. long! And I have been loving it so far! Parker has had mixed feelings about it haha He doesn't like feeling lazy... me on the other hand.... haha I'm the queen of laziness. Anyway, in honor of tomorrow being the first official day of summer, this little post here is all about 15 things that I would like to do this summer of 2015!

1. Go camping! My parents have already invited us on a couple of their camping trips so we are pretty dang excited about it.

2. Get tan! We've already been hard at work getting a nice tan this summer.. we kind of cheated because we went to the Caribbean before we came to Cardston but oh well. I love the sun!!

3. Exercise! I have this awful habit of gaining weight over the summer because I'm always fed lots of super good food... I need some serious work in the self control area of my life haha no better time than the summer to get into better shape!

4. Read some good books! I need some suggestions!

5. Go to Wally's Beach! "Let's go to the beach, beach, let's go get away." We've already gone once and it was beautiful. The water was still pretty high and pretty dang cold but it was such a good time. I'm already looking forward to our next trip out there!

6. Play tennis! A few summers ago my dad decided to teach my mom and I how to play tennis.... it was pretty unsuccessful. We've got little to no depth perception and our reaction time is sloooow which isn't a good mix for tennis. I still enjoy it though, even though I spend the majority of the time chasing the tennis balls all over the court haha! We've already played twice since we've been in Cardston and I've noticed some improvements in my game already!

7. Family history! I've never really gotten into family history all that much... I've done a little indexing here and there but that's about the extent of my experience. I would love to somehow dig up a name or two to take to the temple this summer! Nana, care to help me out? :)

8. Win at stones! There is a card game called Stones that Parker's grandparents play with us and my luck with this game is rotten! I have never been so unlucky in my life! I'm not sure I will ever win... but I would like to, so it made the list.

9. Play softball! I'm pretty terrible at sports but softball is one of the few I actually enjoy playing. I would love to get the cousins together to play some softball on these warm summer nights!

10. Learn to make some good meals! Thanks to those of you who sent me recipes in response to my last post! I really do appreciate it and I'm so excited to try out those meals!! They all looked so yummy and Parker was really excited too haha!

11. Have a movie marathon! I used to love the Love Comes Softly series and I would love to watch all of those movies at some point this summer.... I don't know if I can convince Parker to watch them with me but we'll see!

12. Sew something! Whether its another scrunchy, a hair bow, or a even a dress, I would love to sew something this summer!

13. Hike Bears Hump! I'm not a huge fan of hiking... so sue me. But I would like to hike bears hump this year. Followed by some Big Scoop ice cream of course!

14. Refinish some furniture! My mom and Parker and I actually already did this a week or so ago but my mom has found some other pieces that we can refinish too!

15. Spend less time behind the computer/phone/ipod/ipad/tv screens and be present! I would love to spend more time behind the camera though ;) I'm all about documenting each and everything on this list as it happens throughout the summer!

Both photos via pinterest

Cheers to the best time of year! May this summer be the best one yet!!

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