Friday, September 18, 2015

Current Beauty Favorites

I'm not one to go around advertising my hair and make up routine, but having not found a job out here yet, I've had a lot of time to play around with different styles, looks, and products. Today I thought it would be fun to share my current favorite beauty products with you!

1. Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 Lash Boosting Eyliner + Serum
You guys. I have been using this for a few years now and it is the absolute best! Not only is it the best eyeliner EVER, but it helps your lashes grow. So ya... no brainer. Having never used liquid liner before, I was really hesitant to try it but this stuff is the easiest thing to apply. It's great for thin and thick amounts so it'll suit everyone's needs and it lasts forever (like the tube lasts forever and the makeup on your face lasts forever)! I bought a three pack of brown, gray, and black. Besides dance, I had only ever used brown so I started with that and loved it. About a year later when I ran out of the brown, I transitioned to the gray... That one just ran out a few months ago and I've moved onto the black and I was surprised at how much I loved the bold look of the black! It's decently priced, but even if it wasn't, I would pay big bucks for this stuff. It's worth it!

2. Purple Shampoo (for my blonde friends)
I have been dying my hair since grade 4. I just wish I was blonde, always. And in those many years of dying my hair and having it go from pretty blonde to brassy yellow, not once did a hairdresser say, buy some purple shampoo or come back so we can put some toner in it. Not until this year and it has changed my life! Gone are the days of yellow, brassy locks, and say hello to silvery goodness! I got the biggest and cheapest bottle I could find at Sally Beauty Supply and I'm thrilled with it! If you are blonde, you need this.

3. Tanwise Wash-Off Bronzing Mousse
This is my go-to self-tanner for those long winter months. It comes in different levels... I use the medium. It gives you that extra glow, without permanently turning you orange because it washes right off! No orange hands or streaky faces to give away your flawless tan secrets! This one can also be found at Sally Beauty Supply.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 20
I looooove a good lip chap (chap stick for you little Americans) and this stuff is top notch. It gives you the best combination of moisturizer and tint. The grape vine and cherry me are my favorite colors. This product can be found everywhere. Ulta, Target, Walmart, you name it!

5. A curling rod
First of all, if you haven't got one of these.. its time. Just do it because you need one. For years I used my sister, Matlin's, curling rod. It was a 1-inch rod and worked like a charm! But it resulted in fights when I would bring it home with me when I visited because she tries to steal it back and then I'd sneak it back into my luggage when she wasn't looking... So my mom gave me my own curling rod for my birthday this year! It's Le Angelique brand in 32mm size. It's a little bigger than Matlin's but I LOVE it! The bigger curls are perfect for my long hair and they last for so long! I don't wash my hair very often.... so sue me.... so I love that these curls can last a while and I don't have to use hot tools on my hair every day! My mom found this one at Winners (for American readers, Winners is similar to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross type stores) for a fraction of the price of some of the more well-known brands like NuMe.

6. Johnson's Baby Powder
How is this a beauty product? Well it works even better than dry shampoo for me. I'm sure everyone already knows this trick but if you didn't.... now you do! If you don't have time to wash your hair or don't want to wash it everyday, just sprinkle a little baby powder through the greasy parts and you are good to go! It absorbs all the grease and leaves your hair looking and feeling fresh! Parker always makes fun of me for this one...

7. Johnson's Baby Shampoo
I know, I know another baby product. You moms who already use these baby products on your littles with be thanking me. Johnson's Baby Shampoo works as the best eye make up remover ever! No scrubbing and rubbing your eyes raw to get your make up off anymore. Instead get a dime sized bit of baby shampoo on your fingers and gently rub it on your eyelids. It cleans off every last speck of mascara and eyeliner and it's 'no tears formula' works like a charm! My friend, Tessa, taught me this trick and I've never looked back since.

8. Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle
This is a 'repair serum' that I don't just apply overnight but after every shower. I think it's the trick to what has helped me keep my hair healthy! For a while, I had hair that was thick all the way to the ends. But after more color and more heat was applied to my hair, it just died. The ends were broken and whispy and it had lost its thickness. Once I noticed how bad it was, I was on a mission to get my healthy hair back. This repair serum has really done the trick! I thought my hair had 'stopped growing' as so many people say theirs does when it reaches a certain length, but it has grown well past the length that I thought it would stop at thanks to this little miracle! I will also add that I took a break from dyeing my hair for a long time (a year or so), nor did I style it very often. Give that a try too! Challenge yourself to try some cool braids or a cute top knot to give your locks a break from the heat! This product can also be found just about anywhere. *Update as of 8/15/17 this is only $5 at Walgreens!

9. NYX Butter Lipstick
Michelle Money did the CUTEST lipstick combination on her blog once with this stuff and I was convinced that I must have it. I picked mine up at Ulta in the Little Susie color and I've loved it. It was such a fun color to have over the summer. Bright pink lips were all the rage! This fall I'm hoping to pick up a pretty berry colored butter lipstick because this stuff just feels SO good on the lips! ULTA Beauty has an awesome selection of this brand for a decent price!

10. Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer
This product is one that I've been using for years. Its my favorite. I have really sensitive skin and for a while, I could hardly put anything on my face without it literally burning my skin. That's when I discovered this stuff. It leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh and it has a cooling effect that I love. I put it on after every shower and before I do my make up. I love that it's not only a moisturizer but it also works to prevent acne! Score! This can also be found just about anywhere.

So there you have it! My 10 current beauty favorites! Also, I just dropped my blush brush in the toilet so I'm in search of a new one.. any suggestions? Any beauty products that you absolutely love and think I need to know about? Share your beauty secrets with me!

xoxo, Chelan


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    1. You're welcome, Margie! Thanks for reading!! Let me know if you try any of them. I would love to hear what you think!

  2. I thought I was the only person who used baby powder!! Tim always makes fun of me too! Hahah

    1. The response to this post proves otherwise! We are not alone! hahah Miss you, girl!

  3. AMEN to the physician's formula!!!!!

    1. I can't emphasize enough how much of a game changer this stuff is!! It's the easiest eyeliner to use, everrrr!

  4. You should do a tutorial on the self tanner I bought some of that stuff but I'm clueless on how to use it!!