Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Love Story: Part 6

"Here's the thing about this love story of ours. Its long. And drawn out. And mushy-gushy. And even a bit cheesy. But it's true. And I've decided to take my time writing it, capturing all the special details of those moments I never want to forget. So if mushy-gushy, cheesy love stories aren't your thing, I totally get that. Just know that I'm writing this as a gift - to my family, and my children, and their future children - and also, for [Parker] and me - so that on those days when the kids are screaming, the laundry is overflowing and the bills are rolling in...on those days when it all just seems so hard, we'll have this to remind us of those first moments when we fell in love. And if sappy, detail ridden love stories are your thing, well then you've come to the right place." -Ashley Stock
To read the beginning of our love story, click here. 

Winter Semester 2011

BYU. I was unpacking my stuff in my dorm room and in walks Parker with Tessa. This was our third meeting in person. He hung out with my mom and dad and Tessa and I for a while and I was all sorts of awkward. He was funny, though. One of the things I clearly remember was that he made us all laugh the whole time.

Tessa and I decided to take a class together called Human Biology..... it didn't even count for anything so it was a big waste of time... well a waste of time for the others, but for Parker and me it played a major role in us spending time together! Human Biology with Dr. Lephart. Lets just take a moment to acknowledge the professor's name. Lephart. Le - phart. Le fart. Jk its pronounced Lep-Heart but Parker and I still think its funny to this day. So Tessa and I are sitting in Human Biology on the first day before the class started and in walked Parker's roommate Ryan Rasmussen. Then shortly later his other roommate, Cody Nore, joined the party. And then Parker followed suit a few minutes later. Tessa and I were all, what is going on?!! Turns out Parker had snuck a peak at our class schedules to find out what classes we were taking, found one that he would be good at, and then convinced his friends to add it too so he wouldn't look like such a weirdo creep for stalking me ;) Sidenote: I don't always mean to make him sound so creepy. I tend to over-exaggerate and write dramatically...He was actually really cute in his pursuit!! lol Back to the story. He wanted an excuse to spend some extra time with me and what better way than a three hour long class that he knew he could 'tutor' me in.. hahahahah So we spend three hours every week together and then he would come over to our apartment building and we would 'study' but really we would do this.....
^Teaching him how to dance^
 ^Making music videos to "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night," and posting them to Facebook. They are on Tessa's Facebook page if you would like to see and you are friends with her on fb.^
^Me not paying any attention in Human Biology along with Tessa who is taking this glorious photo of me wearing Cody's glasses.^

In Human Bio class one day I did one of those True Love things that we all do as kids in elementary school and junior high and apparently college and the results were clear, guys - we were meant to be!

Parker asked me on dates... and I turned him down as I did every time I got asked out. Dating was SO awkward to me and I was so uncomfortable with the idea of a date that I just kept saying no. I would tell him, "You know that I don't like dates.... so I don't know why you are asking me out..." So for a while our friendship kind of fizzled for a while...

Part 7

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