Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How We Wore It | Nautical

My favorite color combination of all time is red, white, and blue. I've never known why, but if you say its because they are the colors of the American flag, I'll deny it every time. Go Canada!

I just think this combo is so classy and fun! We even used these colors in our wedding. So whenever July comes around, I love all of the excuses to wear my favorite colors starting with Canada Day on July 1st and shortly after, Independence day on the 4th. There is such a classic, nautical feel to these three colors that mmm I cannot get enough of. So for our How We Wore It series for the month of July, what better inspiration than nautical/red white and blue, right? This outfit was pretty darn easy for me to put together because I have so much red, white, and blue in my closet lol

Parker and I spent the weekend of these two holidays pretty low key. We didn't have the 1st off, although I think America should honor that holiday as well ;) but we both had the 4th off so we decided to go to the local beach even though it was pretty overcast. It was still super hot outside due to the humidity so it was fun to just get out of the house even though there was no sunshine. After the beach we found some short hiking/nature trails nearby that we explored for a bit and you guysssss, Parker took my photos for me this time! Whaaat? hahah I was surprised and grateful. He's so good to me <3

Patriotic and delicious!!

Reppin' the Chatbooks <3

Excuse the swimsuit straps ^^

We didn't see any fireworks on the 4th because we are lazy and didn't want to drive/knew that we would see them on the 8th at the Cleveland Indians game we had tickets for. Here are a few photos from that outing as well since the patriotism just kept on goin' all week long! I'm so grateful to be a part of both of these amazing countries! How blessed we are <3

Dollar hot dog night and fireworks. Oh ya, and the Indians kicked the Yankees butts so that was pretty cool, too. And spending so much time with this guy makes it all that much better! Happy summer, y'all! xoxo

Dress: Joe Fresh
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Forever Young Shoes. They don't have a website so I've linked some similar ones here!

Be sure to see how Hannah and her cutie pie twin daughters 'Wore It' this month :)


  1. You forgot to mention your cool friends from the beach! ;)

    1. hahahah I just saw this now! But totally thought about adding that to this post. But Parker kept making me feel bad for telling people because, and I quote, "That's going to be someone's grandparents or mentally handicapped Aunt and Uncle and you're just making fun of them." lol Even though at the beach, HE was the one that pointed them out to ME! hahahaha still makes me laugh every time I think about it!!