Thursday, January 26, 2017

How We Wore It | Monochrome

Hey y'all! I'm really excited to continue this How We Wore It series with my friends in 2017. We have some exciting things planned and I can't wait to share them :). We started this year off by trying something new: monochrome.

I will admit that this was kinda difficult for me. I feel like monochrome can be boring. And I'll be honest and say that this outfit wasn't my favorite but that's what this whole thing is for - trying new things and experimenting with the clothes in my closet to find new ways to use the things I already have. Trial and error people! Perhaps if I had chosen a different color scheme I would have liked it better haha I'll keep trying and let ya know if I find a monochrome outfit that works for me!

I simply chose creams and browns which may have been the problem with the time of year and the overcast day we were having. Also, not being super tan and having blonde hair and trying to wear cream in the winter may not have been the best choice. Whoops! lol My friend, Brittany Lowry, did an amazing job with the photos and made me feel beautiful, though!

Sweater: gift from Banana Republic
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: gift but I think they are from Kohl's

Be sure to check out my beautiful friend's posts! They killed it this month, per usual.

Brittany Lowry 

Thanks for reading. xoxo, Chelan

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