Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#chelancooks My Mother's Brew

I'm not one for sharing recipes... I've shared maybe one recipe before in my life and that was here. I am not a good cook but I do have a few meals that I make often and love. So I'm gonna start sharing those few recipes, whaaaat? lol A new series is coming to the blog folks and it's called #chelancooks. Be prepared for some super simple and super yummy dishes coming right up! 

Now, to start us off on this series, I have something that you don't even have to cook and you don't eat it. It's actually a drink ha! I thought this was a safe place to start. But guess what! This drink here helped me kick my caffeine addiction. You read that right.... I AM NO LONGER ADDICTED TO CAFFEINE!

Monday, February 13, 2017

How We Wore It | Day to Night

Our 3rd anniversary/Valentine's day is tomorrow!! But alas... Parker has school and I have to work so we probably won't even see each other all day which makes me really sad. Since we knew beforehand that this would happen, we decided to celebrate last weekend by going to dinner and watching a movie (my favorite date)! Dating Parker for eternity is pretty dang awesome.

For our How We Wore It series this month, we wanted to do a look that could easily transfer from day to night since Valentine's Day does last a whole day! And me being my lazy self, decided that I would combine the two. I love an outfit that is casual enough for me to lounge around in, but dressy enough that I can still go out on a date in and feel classy!