Friday, March 24, 2017

Lets talk Podcasts

So I recently removed Facebook and Instagram from my phone and deactivated our Netflix account. I was spending SO MUCH TIME scrolling that I was having a really hard time feeling productive and getting things done. So with all of my new found time not spent with my face glued to a screen, I found podcasts.

I'd heard a lot about podcasts from friends but didn't quite understand what they were or how you even found a podcast to listen to or anything like that. One girl who I had been following on Instagram for a while had started a podcast so I started listening, and I really liked it! I like that I could do other things while I listened, too! I listened while doing the dishes, while vacuuming, while getting ready, while going to sleep, while driving, etc. Pretty much any time I had free time I was listening to podcasts. I tried a bunch of different ones. I listened to podcasts about blogging, about fashion, about a plant-based diet, about getting out of debt, and so much more. And I've finally settled on two favorite podcasts:

Awesome with Alison by The Alison Show and Happier with Gretchen Rubin (which Alison from Awesome with Alison recommended).

I love Awesome with Alison because she is just downright fun. I wish we were friends in real life. She is real and funny and tells it how it is and is enthusiastic and I think she's awesome and she makes me feel awesome when I listen to her podcast.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin took me a minute to get into but I love that it's all about living a happier life. She gives tips and insight into how to be happier and some of the things she's suggested, I've tried and they really do work!

Do you have any podcasts that you have been listening to lately and loving? If so, tell me!

And here's a picture of some pretty flowers in honor of this amazing Spring weather we are having! Go on a walk and listen to a podcast why dontcha? :)

xoxo, Chelan
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