Friday, July 21, 2017

Why you should watch Big Brother

This may be the stupidest post ever but I love Big Brother so much and I feel like no one else watches it. So consider this a public service announcement to tell my fellow tv lovers why you need to watch Big Brother hahah!

First, do you hate getting caught up on a show and you have to wait a whole week until the next episode? Ya. Me too. Well, Big Brother comes on 3 times a week. Sometimes even 4 times and it's the best! It's on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, so none of that waiting 7 days to watch the next episode nonsense. I really wish it was on 5 days of the week at least if I'm being honest. It's that good.

Second, the people are hilarious. The editing is awesome and these characters in the Big Brother house are nuts (Cody from this season, anyone?!). But I feel like I really get to know these people and they become my summer friends.. is that weird?

Third, the drama. I live for dramatic tv. I think it is so entertaining and I love listening to the contestant's strategies and to see how the twists of the game affect them and their alliances.

Fourth, it keeps you on your freaking toes. I honestly never know who is going home from one week to the next. The people who seem to be controlling the house one week could easily be on the bottom the next week and then have the power again the following week. It's insanity and such. good. tv.

Fifth, the challenges! They are so fun and creative and look like a blast! They are super entertaining to watch and it's very similar to Survivor if you like that show (another one of our favorites).

My family randomly draws names each summer so each of us have two contestants that are 'ours' to root for. We don't gamble but if we did, we would each put $5 or $10 in and whoever has the winning contestant would win the money. Matlin's won last year so she won the bragging rights. This draw adds a new twist because even if you hate the person you have because they are an idiot in the house, you still don't want them to go home! Can you tell I love it? hahah

So ya. You should watch Big Brother because it's the best of the best of summer tv! And if you do watch it, who are your favorites? I could talk about this all day so hit me up!

And a selfie bc I have no BB photos :P.

Happy Friday! xoxo, Chelan

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