Thursday, January 18, 2018

Get Outta Your Mind

This week has been a little bit nuts. Today, in particular, has been super busy. Last night I was feeling really stressed about everything I had to do today and how I was going to get it all done so I contemplated staying up late but opted to just go to bed and leave the stress for the morning. Before Parker left this morning, he sat on the bed beside me and said, "I know you are really busy and I'm sorry but I need to ask you to do something for me today." Immediately my response was something along the lines of "No. Absolutely not. I don't have time." And honestly, I didn't think I did. I'm also ashamed to admit that I was feeling a little bit of resentment toward Parker for not being more efficient and getting his own stuff done even though he has had an even busier week than me (he was supposed to have today off to study for a test but they made him go into the hospital anyway - rude). Luckily, the thing he wanted me to do was something that was already on my list so it wasn't a big deal... Anyway, I got up, said a little prayer asking for some help to get everything done that I needed to do today and that I could focus and guess who is done everything on her to-do list by 2:30 pm? ME. 

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As was sitting around trying to decide what I should do with this unexpected hour of free time, I had a little lightbulb moment that I wanted to share. 

How much could I get done if I would just do the thing I'm stressing about rather than taking the time to stress about it at all? 

Then there would be no energy spent on worrying about it, the to-do list would get done faster, and I would be in such a better mood! I get in my head so much and get so worked up about stupid things. Sometimes a simple task like doing the dishes is completely overwhelming to me because both sides of the sink are filled up and there are dirty dishes scattered about the counters so it looks like a much bigger job than it actually is. In reality, it usually only takes me about a half hour to bust them out and get the kitchen cleaned. 

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So ladies and gents, get outta your mind. Stop stressing, start doing. You can do this! You are amazing! I'm cheering you on!