Saturday, February 3, 2018

14 Days of Love: Day 3 | Painting my nails!

I'm totally doing this on the fly. I don't have any of these days really planned out so I am just writing about things I love as they come to me. Today, the thing that I am loving is painting my nails. I started out being a horrid nail do-er. I was about to say artist but that didn't feel right because I can't do patterns or designs or anything fancy like that so let's just go with nail do-er. I love painting my nails!

I haven't always been very good at it but I've progressed a LOT over the years haha. I remember as a kid I tried to pain Matlin's toenails for her. She requested white. By the time I was finished, it looked like I had dropped a bottle of whiteout on her foot and I'm not exaggerating. I still laugh about it when I think about it!

The Christmas before I got married, I was gifted an at home manicure set complete with an LED light so I can do my own gel nails and it has been the gift that keeps on giving! So I'm going to share a few photos of painting my nails with y'all today - with Valentine's colors, of course, <3.

The brand of light I have is Gelish and it works great! It's the perfect size for travel, too! Here's a link to a starter kit with the same light and similar to the starter kit I have should you like to check it out: Gelish Harmony Complete Starter LED Gel Nail Soak Off Polish Kit Set Packages. May I add for husbands and boyfriends - this would make such a great Valentine's Day gift for your special lady!

I ran out of the Gelish brand bottom coat and top coat and this ASP brand has worked really well since then! 

So there you go! I love that they don't chip and they last about a week if not longer before peeling off. Having this kit has also been really helpful for me to quit biting my nails. I bit my nails for so long and I don't anymore :).

Do you have a favorite nail color that you always gravitate towards? I like the bright and fun colors!

Happy #14daysoflove everyone!

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xoxo, Chelan

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