Sunday, February 11, 2018

14 Days of Love: Day 10 & Day 11 | Popcorn and the Movies

Hey, all! So sorry to have missed Day 10 of the 14 Days of Love yesterday. It was a crazy busy day and I was up until 2 am getting stuff done and just didn't have it in me to write a post at that point. So today I'm playing catch up and telling you about my favorite date and one of my favorite snacks.
This photo is from when we went to see Lion in Washington D.C. about a year ago. One of the best movies of 2017 in my opinion!

When I was a teenager, my mom and I would go on walks downtown in the summer. We would first stop at Reddi Mart to get some ice cream or a malt or a Slurpee. Then we would make our way to the movie store where we would pick out an older classic movie that she loved that I hadn't seen yet. The movie store we went to had this popcorn machine that made the best popcorn EVER and bonus! It was free! So we would eat our treats and walk home with our movie and watch it together. It was one of my favorite traditions. Well eventually that movie store closed and we no longer had access to our favorite popcorn. Fast forward to a couple of years ago when my parents tracked down that exact popcorn machine and bought it from the owner for their own home. Yay! So now whenever I visit, I get that amazing popcorn anytime I want and it's the best!

Before they bought that popcorn machine, they had an air popper and we would always pop popcorn for movie nights which I always preferred over microwave popcorn. I now own a Whirley-Pop and popcorn is still one of my favorite snacks!

My mom and I load our popcorn with Kernels Salt & Vinegar seasoning along with Kernels Dill Pickle seasoning. The mixture of the two is so good with a cold Diet Pepsi! So freaking good! The two flavors are good on their own, too! And so far, I've only been able to find them in Canada so I stock up when I head up North.

Parker likes popcorn, too. But not as much as me. If I make it, he'll eat it, and we almost always get popcorn when we go to the movies. Going to the movies is my favorite date. There is just something so fun to me about going to the theater, getting a large popcorn, and a large Diet Pepsi, and holding hands while we watch the movie together. We go to the movies often enough that we bought MoviePass cards for each of us and we use them ALL THE TIME! We got to the movies at least once a week, if not more often. MoviePass is a card you can buy to pay $9.95 a month and with that you get to see 1 movie a day. It works at theaters all over the country. We've only had one instance where it hasn't been accepted. Since we got our MoviePass cards in September we've been to see the following movies:

Lucky Logan
Home Again
Battle of the Sexes (this movie was horrible)
The Mountain Between Us
Only The Brave *tear*
Daddy's Home 2
You Can't Save The World Alone
Star Wars
The Greatest Showman (my fav)
The Commuter
The Post
15:17 to Paris (so bad... don't see it!)

I know the cards sound too good to be true, but they're really not! You only have to go to one movie a month to make it worth it!
When we went to see Logan Lucky in New Orleans to escape the heat! The first time we ever used our MoviePass cards!

Back to the popcorn. Parker and I love the theater near us. We were going to the movies so often that we bought one of the large, reusable buckets for $7. Now whenever we go to the movies, we bring that bucket with us and can refill it for only $4 with free refills after that. We both like popcorn enough that we usually get through one bucketful and a some and then take home whatever is left to snack on throughout the week. We also usually buy a large Diet Pepsi (thank you Kent Plaza theater for having a Pepsi machine!!!!) which you can refill for free and with salty popcorn, we down that pop so fast and always get at least one refill. Oh! And Wednesday nights are popcorn bucket refill for only $1 night so if we go to the movies on a Wednesday and bring our bucket we only pay $1 for our movies and popcorn. We've got this system worked out.

If you are interested in purchasing a MoviePass for yourself, you can click here! Unfortunately, they don't have any sort of referral program in place (if they did, I could probably have a years worth of credits saved up because I tell everyone about MoviePass) so I don't get any kickback. This just makes it easy for you to find!

What is your favorite date?

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xoxo, Chelan


  1. We almost never go to the movies, but last Friday, actually, we did a date night to see the new "Jumanji." it was so great - & it made me want to go to the movies more often!

    1. Yes! We loved Jumanji!! I actually saw it twice lol