Thursday, March 15, 2018

The best health advice I've ever received

Why is it that when someone we love and that we know loves us back says something like "you look good" we don't believe them? Is it because they are our spouse or our mom and we feel like they have to say those things because they love us?

Over Christmas break, one of my best friends told me that I look good and that I've always been fit and for some reason, my eyes got a little misty over her comment. I'm not sure why her saying that to me made me believe it about myself but since she said that, I have been able to look at myself in the mirror differently and see that I look good. Isn't that weird?
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Anyway, please know that I'm not posting this fishing for compliments. Please know that that is by no means my intention with this post. I'm posting this because it makes me want to never hold back a good thought about someone else. That compliment that my bestie gave me has stuck with me for months and has changed my entire mindset and how I see myself and you know what? She probably doesn't even know that she made an impact with her nice comment. Our words have power and so do our thoughts! When I'm teaching dance, I no longer see how 'big' my thighs are or how bloated my stomach is (ok sometimes I still see how bloated I get mostly because I can feel it and it's uncomfortable haha) but I now see that I'm strong and healthy and able and I look good! And it's motivating me to make healthy choices!
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About a week ago I posted on my Instagram story asking 'If you could give one piece of health/fitness/nutrition advice, what would it be?' and boy did y'all deliver with some great tips and tricks! I wanted to share my favorite out of all of these bits of gold that were shared with me since it relates to this whole health theme we have going on here and that is the advice my friend Brittany gave to me. She said, "Take it one day at a time. You can do anything for one day." How true is that? I love this advice so much!

So now I've made a goal to do just that. I'm going to take it one day at a time and after a certain number of days, if I've kept with it, my reward is a new pair of Lululemon Align pants because that's some mighty good motivation if you ask me! Help me decide which pair to get! I already have the black, midnight navy, and dark emerald green colors :).

What are some health goals you have? It's about that time of year where we've all fallen off of our New Years resolution high, right? Let's get back on that track together!
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Thanks for stopping by tonight! Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Chelan


  1. Similarly, negative comments can stick with us forever, too. I was talking about weight with a friend, & she said, "Well, based on your Instagram, it doesn't seem like you're holding back at all when it comes to food." I was mortified & didn't post a food pic for probably a year, worried that everyone thought I was some blimp of a person who was eating like a monster, or something. I still think about it when I post something unhealthy.

    Thanks for this advice. <3

    1. I'm so sorry that your friend said that to you, Kate! I would totally have felt the same way if someone said that to me! I say eat what you want, share what you want, and if someone has something negative to say about how you are living your live then that's on them! Although, it's hard not to let it affect us if someone does say something negative. We just need more niceness in this world, I think ;). Thanks for reading!

    2. Post the food pocs Kate! I love eating and I love sweets and cooking them and I don't sweat my belly. I'm a mom, I should be comfy enough to cuddle and healthy enough to make it to 85. I eat what I want when I waby and stop when I'm full, which is huge after struggling with an eat disorder for near a decade. I threw out the scale and got out the sugar and dance in the kitchen with my loves. We want to see the food pics!

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