Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My Target Shopping Spree

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Instastories a few weeks back where I shared my shopping spree at Target and Ulta. Maybe I shouldn't call it a shopping spree... I had gift cards that I had been saving up and boy did I use them (and then some lol whoops)! I wanted to share some of my favorite finds from Target and I'll share my Ulta purchases in another post.

Let's get one thing straight - I am not an avid shopper. My mom, on the other hand, is the queen of finding a good deal, anticipating trends, and wearing things before they are cool. A real trendsetter, I tell ya! We used to go shopping together all the time - ALL THE TIME! Our shopping trips are some of my most cherished memories! I always imagined I would inherit her good shopping skills but when I moved out on my own a few things happened...

1. I didn't have any spending money.
2. I could not form my own opinions about what kind of clothes I liked. I literally couldn't go shopping on my own because I didn't have my mom to consult with.
3. I felt really weird about spending someone else's money when I got married even though it was my spouse that was earning that money. It was a strange transition for me.

Because of these 3 points and also due to the fact that we are poor students, I've come to really appreciate gift cards. I feel like gift cards get such a bad rap (or is it rep?) because they "aren't thoughtful." But let me just make a case for gift cards and say that they are awesome! You're essentially giving the gift of shopping guilt free and the recipient gets to buy whatever they choose - something you know they will like!

Anyway, let's get to my purchases, shall we? First, this skirt (not available online unfortunately). I am very into ruffles of all kinds so when I found a skirt that fits well, is the cutest fabric, has ruffles, is long enough, aaaand makes my butt look good I knew I had to get it in all the colors. I also got it in another fabric but I haven't found the perfect top to go with it yet so you just get to see photos of one. I've linked to the other one here, too, though so you can check it out!

Thanks to Brittany Lowry Photography for taking these photos for me! She da best!

Shoes: Old Navy but they're old. These are probably my most asked about item I've ever shared so I feel super bad that they are unavailable. However, Roolee Boutique has some that are similar. They're kind of expensive so I don't love recommending them due to the price but they're the most similar I've seen. I'm hopeful that Old Navy will somehow see the response that these shoes get on my posts so they'll know that people want them! Maybe they'll bring them back!

Top: Old. Similar here!

Skirt: Target. I cannot find this particular style online but here's the other one in the floral fabric!

I also bought these capris and I've worn them at least twice a week since I bought them. They're high waisted and stretchy which makes them oh so comfy.

Target is nailing it right now in the women's clothing department. Here are some other things I'm loving...

Aaaaaaand Target is having a deal right now where you buy $40 worth of clothing, shoes, and/or accessories get a $10 gift card in return (offer ends 4/21/18). Woot woot! Shop the items above by just clicking on the photo and it'll take you directly to the product page. You'll have that $10 gift card in no time! You can also click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back in addition to that $10 gift card. If you use my Ebates link and spend at least $25 you'll get $10 from Ebates, too. So spend $40 at Target and get $20 back. Happy Shopping! 

xoxo, Chelan

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