Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Weekend in Provo

We've had some crazy travel plans, as you know. We drove our Santa Fe from Ohio to Montana, then to Oregon, then to Bear Lake, then to Provo. Then we bought a Honda Civic off of Parker's brother while in Provo. We drove the Civic to North Carolina and left the Santa Fe in Provo while we were out east. When it was time to come west again, we put the Civic in storage and flew to Utah to pick up the Santa Fe. This meant we got to spend a weekend in Provo before driving to Denver and boy was it ever fun! I didn't realize how much I'd missed Utah and our old stomping grounds at BYU. We mostly based our weekend around the food. Here are a few of our favorite places:

+ The BYU Creamery - get the kids meal. It's $5 and you get a burger, fries, a small (but refillable) drink, and a small ice cream. If you don't get the Graham Canyon ice cream, you aren't living. It's the main reason I was excited to visit our alma mater... ok, there are a few other reasons but this is a big one. 

+ Cafe Rio - Having not had Cafe Rio in Ohio we had it twice this weekend. Always hits the spot. 

+ Tucanos - super expensive but the pineapple may just make up for it alone. It was actually supposed to be a 'boys only' lunch but I weaseled my way in there and the other wives did, too. Worth it. 

+ Sodalicious - I want to franchise this place and just have it in my own house. Parker got The National Parks and I got Key Lime (Caffeine free Diet Coke with fresh lime and cheesecake). Cheesecake and pop?????? Are you kidding me????? It was amazeballs.

+ Marinara's - We stayed with Jared (Parker's brother) and Marin, and they fed us breakfast everyday. Every time it was incredible. Marin wants to own a restaurant someday and whenever she gets that up and going it'll be a raving success, I have no doubt! 

We connected with friends from our time at BYU by going on a double date with Carson and Taelyn Crosby. We went to Boondocks and somehow our 250 tickets turned into 1500 tickets. We may have inadvertently stolen some child's summer's worth of tickets... or the lady was just really, really bad at math. Either way, it was a blast and we made ourselves sick off of the candy we bought with our earnings. 

Parker and I got to see my bestie, Tessa, and her family while we were in town, too, which was a treat! Catching up with best friends that you haven't actually seen in so long is so, so fun. We played code names and Parker and I dethroned the reigning champs. Sorry if this rubs salt in the wound, Tess ;). Also, Tessa and David Wilde have the cutest child ever, ever, ever. Well done, you two!

We happened to be in town the weekend of a BYU football game which was a blast! I may or may not have gotten chills during the fight song once or twice... It was so nostalgic!! And I still wish I was as cool as the Cougarettes. 

Hanging out with Bailey (Parker's sister) was so fun, too! She lives at Liberty Square, which Parker and I both lived at one point during our undergrad careers so it was fun to visit there, too. I loved hearing about her freshman year adventures and the boys she's having to fend off already. Not surprising at all.

We wish we could have seen everyone and done everything in the area. The things we did get to do were so fun and I was really sad to leave. 

Thanks for a great weekend, Provo! You will be missed!

xoxo, Chelan

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