Sunday, October 28, 2018

Weekend in Charleston, SC

Hey there! It's been a while. And life has been crazy as of late. But crazy in a good way, I promise. A week ago we wrapped up our time in Denver, CO and traveled to our next rotation in Charleston, SC. Charleston is as charming and beautiful as it seems and I think everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. It truly does beat all with its plantation style homes, shutters and flower boxes on almost every window, wrap around porches everywhere you look, and lantern style lights along the streets with actual fire in them. SO CUTE! From the moment we arrived, I knew I was in trouble and that I would fall in love with this city. I could stay here forever!

Parker and I went on the most fun date on Friday night. We went to dinner at Swig & Swine for some delicious BBQ and had some of the best chicken wings we've ever tasted. We're already talking about going back for more. Then we went exploring downtown at the Charleston City Night Market and the Charleston Waterfront Park which is home to the famous Pineapple Fountain. This park is what Nicholas Sparks dreams are made of with its pier that has swings on it. Like porch swings, so you can swing with your lover under the moonlight while looking out at the water. Does it get more romantic than that? No. It does not. After wandering around the cobblestone streets for a while and ogling at the stunning architecture we went to Kaminsky's for dessert. Parker got the brownie sundae and I got oreo cheesecake, both of which were divine.

Low-quality photo but the best quality date night! We finished the evening with one of our TV shows (who else is hooked on A Million Little Things already?) and some popcorn. Best date ever!

This weekend we also had the pleasure of hosting Parker's sister's family for a night and it was fun to show them around. We went to the Folly Beach Fishing Pier and spent a little bit of time on the beach itself. We had pizza and watched Hotel Transylvania. And we went for a little adventure through downtown Charleston to see some of the beautiful (and HUGE) homes.

Crazy boys went in the freezing water with their clothes on lol

This weekend was one for the books. Our time here is going too fast and I'm already dreading the day we have to leave. If you've been to Charleston before, what are the must sees while we are here? We want to do it all!!

xoxo, Chelan

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