Thursday, January 31, 2019

How We Wore It | Turtle Club

We are back with our How We Wore It Series in 2019 and I'm thrilled about it. I love doing this every month with my friends. This month, however, was a struggle for me. We moved into a new place back in Ohio for Parker's next few rotations and it's a quaint little studio apartment. Its been frigid outside so there was no way I was gonna brave the cold to take photos, my tripod is somewhere in all of our packed up stuff that we still haven't gone through, and I felt fat after I took my photos and was looking through them. I know I'm not fat but all I saw when I looked at these photos is the 15 pounds I've gained since we left Ohio on our travels (a little more about that in the last post I shared if you want to take a look). *Disclosure: I'm not posting this for compliments or for people to tell me I'm not fat. I'm sharing this because in 2019 I'm trying to document all of my life, rather than just the happy parts.*

Parker and I ended up going to the gym later that night and I weighed myself and guess what. I've already lost half of that weight that I gained during our travels. GO ME! I'm really, really proud of myself and motivated to keep working hard at making healthier choices. 

Now I still don't like these photos but I'm sharing them anyway because rather than seeing the work I still have to do, I'm trying super hard to focus on what I've already accomplished and to let that fuel my fire to keep going. I was just telling Parker last night that I've never been more motivated to eat healthily and exercise and to simply take better care of myself and that feeling is pretty empowering. 

Anyway, onto my 'look' for this month. We are featuring turtlenecks which I love. My turtleneck sweater is from Ardenes (a Canadian store) but it's super old and unavailable now. I've linked some other fun turtle/cowl/mock neck sweaters below! Spring colors are coming out and I'm afraid my excitement will peak too soon. 

Trying the Instagram model trick where you stick your butt out and it gives you a thigh gap. It works, guys. Totally an illusion, but it works!

Thanks for stopping by today, y'all! Keep crushing those 2019 goals. I have a feeling this will be a great year <3. And don't forget to check out my bestie's posts. They are on FIRE!

Click HERE to check out some of my favorite fancy neck tops right now!

One last thing, the 14 Days of Love series I did last year is happening again this year and I'd love for you to participate in whatever capacity you can. Whether it's sharing on Instagram posts or stories, journalling about things/people you love, blogging, etc. If you do choose to join me and share your loves publicly, use the hashtag #14daysoflove so I can follow along with you, too!

xoxo, Chelan

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