Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Awkward & Awesome

I've done one other post like this before and I was going to link to it but then I went back and read it and thought better of it. Unfortunately, I have a lot of all awkward, no awesome posts from my beginning years of blogging. And I'll probably look back on this one in a few years and think, why on earth did I think that was a good idea to post that? But in the spirit of being 'real' which all the online spaces are asking for these days (insert eye roll but also applause here... I have mixed emotions) and documenting even the not so awesome things more often, here I am. Sharing some awkward and awesome things that have happened recently.

+ I've been going to Parker's school with him for the last three days and working while he is in class. His entire class is back together for their three-week capstone course before match day so I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces. While I was walking down the hall I passed some of Parker's classmates and said hi. One of the guys responded by saying, "Hey, what's up?". My response: "Good." Smh.

+ Yesterday I changed into my exercise clothes in the locker room at the gym and went to put my hair up when I realized that I had forgotten to shave my armpits... Unfortunately, I didn't have a suitable alternative top I could wear so I opted for the stair climber rather than my normal workout bc so many of Parker's classmates were also working out. I did everything I could to keep my hairy pits concealed.

+ Y'all know I love Marco Polo and being in public this week hasn't stopped me from chatting with my friends during the day. Well, this morning our conversation was about something kind of personal and I realized that even though I was talking quietly, the little wall I was sitting next to had another student on the other side of it who was well within hearing distance. I'm very, very hopeful they had headphones in.

+ During lunch on Monday, my nose started to run a lot so I was wiping it with a tissue. Shortly afterward, Parker reaches over and kind of knicks my lip/nose with his hand and says to me in front of his friends we were eating with, "You've got something right there." I quickly swiped it away and didn't even want to look at what it was but I'm pretty sure it was a stray booger...


+ Parker and I have been able to work out and eat lunch together every day this week. I love getting to see him even just a tiny bit more than usual.

+ We went to get ice cream last night for a friend's birthday and WE FOUND A GRAHAM CANYON FLAVOR DUPE! It's my favorite, favorite, favorite flavor of ice cream that we previously thought could only be found at the BYU Creamery.

+ 45 days until we head to Utah to see family and 51 until VEGAS!

+ I had a rough couple of days the last few days but things are looking up. I'm oh so grateful for friends and family who deal with my crazy mood swings, my hormones, and my dramatics and that they love me through it all.

+ Survivor started last week and there's a new episode tonight. I am pumped!

+ My workout today included a move called an inverted row. I could do more of these this time than last time so I'm getting stronger. Seeing progress from hard work is fun!

+ The Bachelor comes on two nights next week. That's a fact that needs to be celebrated!

Life is good. What's something awkward and something awesome that's happened in your life recently? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has so many awkward moments every day.

xoxo, Chelan

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