Wednesday, June 26, 2019

North Carolina

Parker's next rotation was in North Carolina and we had quite the adventure that month. To get there, we first drove from Oregon to Bear Lake in Utah/Idaho for a week with Parker's family. It was such a fun week and I was terrible at taking photos. Oops! After Bear Lake, we went to Provo and we bought a car from Parker's brother and drove that to North Carolina with a little pit stop in Ohio to stay the night with family. So. Much. Driving. But it was actually really fun! We filmed this little diddy while driving in West Virginia, naturally, and it makes me laugh every time.

North Carolina was nuts. If you didn't follow along with our Airbnb saga and the hurricane drama I've linked to those posts for you. We did get in one amazing Labor Day weekend at our favorite place on earth - Bald Head Island.

On our way to BHI, we stopped for some exploring in Wilmington. If you know me, you know I love Nicholas Sparks novels and movies and most of his books take place in NC but a lot of them specifically in the lovely city of Wilmington. One Tree Hill is filmed there as well and seeing all of these places from stories I love was SO FUN!

Also, be sure to check out the video (and the special surprise in the middle of the vid) at the bottom of this post to see just how magical BHI truly is!!

That park across the way is where the River Court was in One Tree Hill. It's no longer there but there are carvings related to OTH in the picnic tables over there.
This piece of art is titled "Waitin' On A Woman."
Luke's house. Yes, there is a side door to his bedroom just like in the show.
Brooke's gorgeous home. This is pretty much what all of the homes in Wilmington look like. Stunning!
Where the Naley magic happened! If you know, you know.
Sitting at the River Court!

I would have liked to see more Nicholas Sparks related sites but we ran out of time and had to catch the ferry to Bald Head. Until next time, Wilmington!

Bald Head Island has the most beautiful houses ever. It's literally a Pinterest Board called HOME.
The cute place we stayed at with Cody and Caitlyn (Cody is Parker's cousin). 

And of course, I made a video of this special time on BHI. It never disappoints and I truly think it's the most magical place! Thanks for inviting us to come along, Cody & Caitlyn <3. 

Thanks for reading and watching!

xoxo, Chelan

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