Friday, June 21, 2019


When we finally had Parker's 4th-year plans solidified and we knew all the fun places we would visit, I knew I wanted to document each location. Videos were at the top of my list! Well in the midst of packing, we packed up our external hard drive and the cord to connect it to the computer and then Parker was constantly using the said computer so I didn't get around to creating any of the videos until today. I'm planning on going in order of rotation/vacation so first up is Oregon!

We loved Oregon. Parker spent two weeks in Portland before I arrived... I was busy having too much fun in Canada with my family haha. More on my time with them here! I rode the train to meet up with Parker and we spent the last two weeks of his rotation together. While there we spent a lot of time with my friend Candace and her sweet family. Candy and I were roomies in college and hadn't seen each other for about 3 years so being in the same place for a bit was awesome! Candace fed us amazing food multiple times and we were so grateful!

A few things Parker and I made sure to do while in Oregon: 

Cannon Beach - I wrote a blog post and shared photos about that here. It was such a fun birthday!
Multnomah Falls
Crater Lake - when we went it was suuuuuuper smokey from the fires so we couldn't really see much but what we could see was beautiful so I can only imagine how pretty it is on a clear day!
Columbia River Gorge
Neahkahnie Mountain
Tillamook Cheese Factory - good but not as good as Amish country cheese factories in Ohio. 

On the tram near where Parker rotated!

There were a few things that were on our list but we ran out of time to do, unfortunately. But next time we visit we'll be sure to hit them up! Also, Portland has really good food!

We loved visiting this beautiful state!

xoxo, Chelan


  1. Oregon looks gorgeous - but I confess that I am secretly glad to hear that Ohio's Amish cheeses are better! :P