Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sodalicious at Home

Pop. Oh, how I love pop! Sodalicious became a thing right before I left Utah (which was probably a good thing) so I didn't get to enjoy it for very long but I've been a general pop lover since I was in the womb. Diet Pepsi is like pure nectar from heaven if you ask me. The sound of a cold can opening makes my mouth water. I crave the burn in the back of my throat on a daily basis.

My parents renovated their kitchen last summer and one of the additions to their updated space was a 'drink station' complete with a mini-fridge that is stocked full of pop of all kinds at all times, syrups and flavor add-in options, and cute cups/straws so you can create the perfect brew of your choice. Pretty much Sodalicious at home! When we moved here to Boston, I decided I needed pop mixology in my life and that doesn't really exist outside of Utah so I created my own favorite mix at home like my parents.

My favorite pop creation includes:

+ Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi
+ Lime Juice
+ A shot of creamer to make it 'dirty' or so they call it at Sodalicious. Two shots is considered 'extra dirty' lol. My fav is Coffee-mate Natural Bliss creamer in the Sweet Cream flavor. It's delicious!!

I'll pour it all in a cup with some ice and a cute straw and I'm good to go! SO GOOD!
I've shared my sisters' favorite mixes below, too!

Matlin loves:
+Dr. Pepper
+Raspberry Puree
+Extra Dirty

Cam's favorite is:
+Mountain Dew

What's your go-to Sodalicious order and have you ever made it at home?

xoxo, Chelan

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