Monday, October 5, 2020

Baby Hollingsworth | Second & Third Trimesters

Well, I've had my baby now so now is as good a time as any to get the rest of my pregnancy documented...we'll see how much I remember about the second and third trimester. 

Cravings/Aversions: My lack of craving carbonation lasted through almost the entire second trimester and it slowly came back as time went on. I wasn't mad about it. I missed pop! I basically craved any food that people talked about or shared pictures of haha. It all looked and sounded good! I was also never a fan of apples until the second trimester so that was new! And let's just say that baby girl liked her baked goods and sweets........ just like her mama! And still, no morning sickness so I was sooooo grateful for that!

Gender Reveal: We found out that we were having a GIRL! And both of us were utterly and completely surprised. We were both so convinced it was a boy. Parker couldn't come to the anatomy scan ultrasound because he had to work so I got an envelope with the results and we opened it after we both got home. We found out on our anniversary and it was THE BEST way to celebrate being married for 6 years! Here's the IG post of our announcement <3

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Baby Hollingsworth | Sharing the News with Family and Friends

Telling our families literally consumed my thoughts for the 2.5 months leading up to it. I truly thought of little else. I'm sure Parker got tired of listening to my bazillion different ideas and hearing, "I can't wait to tell our families!!!" about 1000x a day haha! I was just so excited that we finally got to share our secret and experience something I'd been envisioning for so long!

This ^ was what we gave to our families as Christmas presents and to share the happy news!

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Hey friends! I come to you this Saturday evening with a fun and silly post (Parker would agree that its silly for sure) sharing about something kinda weird and quirky but also kinda cool. It's been fun for me to think about over the years so I thought it deserved its own blog post. So without further ado.... The story of 1027.

Side note: have you ever seen a cuter future tap dancer's little foot? No. No, you have not!

Around the beginning of 2016, I started seeing the numbers 1027 a lot. It started out by randomly glancing at the clock at 10:27 am & pm every single day, no matter the time zone I was in. And every time that happened I thought of my childhood best friend, Breanne, because those were the last 4 digits of her phone number growing up (so I guess I've technically been seeing that number my entire life.... wow!). I thought maybe seeing 1027 so frequently was just a little nudge to reach out to her to see how she's doing so I did just that. Well, this continued on for a long time and I started seeing this number other places, too. Here's a random example for you:

I started following Tanya Rad (who is the co-host of my favorite podcast called Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad with premiered in 2017) on social media because I looooove her podcast. She also works on the Morning Show with Ryan Seacrest and their radio show is on 102.7 Kiss FM. They celebrate October 27th like a holiday because the date is 10/27 so every year around that date, those numbers are all over my IG. And lots of other things like that would happen. I saw 1027 EVERYWHERE and OFTEN!

I started to put a lot of stock into seeing this number so every year when October 27th would come around, I thought for sure something significant would happen... and I usually hoped that it related to having a baby whether it was getting pregnant, finding out I was pregnant, or have that be the due date of our baby. Please note that it was 2016 when this started happening which is also the year we started trying to conceive. That little fact seems significant.

Well fast forward to when we went through our IVF round last fall, our transfer was on October 23rd which means implantation could have happened any time within the following few days so I like to think that I was officially pregnant on October 27th haha. Some other coincidences with those numbers include: both Parker and I are 27 years old and October, the month we got pregnant, is the 10th month of the year. Baby girl's due date also consists of those numbers with it being in July (the 7th month) of 2020 and the actual date has a 1 in it but I'm not sharing the specific date publicly.

And here's a screenshot I found on my phone of 10:27 on 10/27 just for fun haha!

Also, on October 27, 2019, my mom was thinking about me a lot because she knew about this pattern and she decided to look up any scriptures she could find that had those numbers and she came across Mark 10:27 which says, "And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible." Coincidence? I don't think so. I found that scripture to be super comforting as I know that the whole experience we had that I shared in this post regarding getting pregnant and Parker's residency match was all being directed by God. His hand was in every detail and I like to believe that this was His daily reminder that good things were coming and I needed to trust in Him.

I'm guessing baby girl will be born at either 10:27 am or pm on whatever date she decides to actually make her appearance but I guess we'll just have to wait and seeeee ;).

xoxo, Chelan

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Baby Hollingsworth | First Trimester

Documenting a pregnancy has been a dream of mine for so long so the fact that I'm actually sitting down to write this out is making me giddy! I've been putting it off because I wanted to do an official announcement post first but didn't feel like I could do that without sharing our experience so now that that's out in the world, here we are!

The first-ever "bump" photo I took the day before we found out I was officially pregnant!

Due date: July 2020! We aren't sharing the specific due date publicly because I know that if I go past then, the last thing I will want is a bunch of people asking me if I've had the baby yet. I can get pretty ornery sometimes so this is just protecting y'all from being snapped at ;).

Cravings and/or aversions: I'm not sure if I specifically had any intense cravings during the first trimester. It was more random things would sound really good like pickles but I didn't feel like I had to have them right then and there. One crazy thing (for me) was that I was no longer interested in pop. I instantly stopped craving carbonation which has never, ever, ever happened to me before. I mainly didn't want to eat anything because most foods sounded gross. And if I cooked something and had to smell it for long periods of time, that food item likely still grosses me out. I'm really crossing my fingers that Thanksgiving dinner isn't ruined for me forever because I spent all day cooking on Thanksgiving Day and could hardly eat the meal. And then turkey was served multiple times over Christmas break and it was a no go every time. Blegh. Cooked vegetables were especially gross to me during the first trimester and those are usually one of my favorite foods!

Morning sickness: I'm very, very grateful to have not had any severe nausea or vomiting. I know that that is a nasty symptom of pregnancy for so many women so I do not take it for granted that my experience was so mild in comparison. I felt nauseous most evenings and knew that eating would help but no food sounded good so that was more annoying than anything. I did throw up twice near the end of the 1st trimester but that was after switching to a new prenatal vitamin and taking it first thing in the morning... big mistake that I didn't know was a thing. Within 20 minutes of taking it, I threw up and it came out of nowhere! I tried again the next day taking it with some breakfast but had the same result. It was especially surprising to me since I had only been feeling nauseated in the evenings so I was not expecting that reaction at all, let alone first thing in the morning. So weird!

Keeping our secret: I want to do an entire post all about telling our families the news because that was another experience that I had literally dreamed about and planned out sooooooo many times in my head over the course of trying to conceive so to actually have lived that out was just dreamy and so special! We had told a very select few people about our fertility treatment and after the embryo transfer, we told those people that we wanted to wait until we were ready to share whether or not the treatment was successful. Everyone was so kind and respectful of our wishes and didn't pry even though I knew it just about killed some of them haha. Looking at you, Mom! But it just made it all the more fun when we got to surprise them with the happy news IN PERSON at Christmas!

Initial feelings of seeing the baby via ultrasound for the first time: We officially found out we were expecting on November 4th and my first ultrasound wasn't scheduled until November 27th. That time in between felt like FOREVER and my mind just kept going to the dark place wondering if the baby was still okay and what we would see on the ultrasound, etc. Parker technically had to work that day but managed to slip away and seeing our little babe on the screen for the first time was magical! We got to see her little heart pumping away. They took some 3D photos for us which was a fun surprise. I didn't know they did that so early but she was such a little alien back then! I was also thrilled to finally have some photos to put on the fridge and stare at every time I walked by!

Aches and pains: I had some round ligament pain in the first trimester that really scared me. It was a feeling unlike anything else I've ever experienced and I think because it had taken so long for us to get pregnant, every little thing kind of freaked me out. But luckily that didn't last longer than 2-3 weeks or so. I also had a tiny bit of spotting one night while we were in Canada over the holidays and just about lost my ever-loving mind out of fear but Parker was able to calm me down. We also were fortunate enough to have been able to listen to the baby's heartbeat the next day and it was as strong as ever so all was well.

My changing body: I didn't really start showing until the second trimester but I was definitely bloated and my boobs got bigger almost immediately (which is just the best!). I could tell my body was changing and Parker could too because we live together but to the general public/family and friends I looked the same.

The gender: Whenever Parker and I would talk about starting a family, we both pictured having a girl first. But after Parker saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound, he was convinced it was the heart of a little boy for some reason haha. I still thought it was a girl but then I started to get a lot of hair on my stomach. And I had been told that if you get a lot of dark hair on your stomach that its a boy so both of us thought it was a boy up until we actually found out the gender. I also have never wanted to find out the gender of my kids but Parker did so I gave in and we are having a baby girl! We didn't find that out until the second trimester and I'll share more details about that day in another post as well but since I know and I've already mentioned that she's a girl in my last post it felt weird to pretend like I didn't know...

Here are all my Sunday "bump" pictures I took during the first trimester! I wish I had taken more even though not much changed during that time.

Please forgive the messy bedroom in the background of every one of these photos... I at least had the decency to make the bed for the first photo haha!

Coming up next: telling our families and friends the news! I can't wait to share that experience along with some videos!!

xoxo, Chelan